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1881 Tucson Directory

Directory of the City of Tucson for the Year 1881, containing a Comprehensive List of Inhabitants with their occupations and places of residence; the public officers and their offices; with a review of the past, a glance at the present, and a forecast of the future of this city; together with other useful information concerning the same, compiled and published by G. W. Barter


N North
S South
st Street
bet Between
cor Corner
Sra Senora
S'rta Senorita
res Residence

ABADIE, PAUL & CO., real estate, cor. Camp and Meyer sts.
Acuna, Jesus, 110 Kennedy st.
ADAMS, REV. G. H., Bishop of Arizona, M. E. Church, res. 003 Pennington st.
Adams, A. S., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Adams, M. W., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Aguirre, Pedro, stock raiser, res. 218 Convent st.
Aguilar, Francisco, 321 Main st. S.
Aguilar, Manuel, res. near Buell's Addition.
Aguirre, Cristoval, merchant, res. 411 Meyer st. S.
Aguirre, M., porter, (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
Ainza, Santiago, lawyer and notary public, offices, 222 Meyer st. S.; res. 109 Simpson st.
Alcala, Guadaloupe, grocer, 251 Meyer st. S.
Aldrich, Mrs. T., 408 Pennington st,
Aldaco, Juana, 734 Meyer st. S.
Alcantar, Suzano, barber, 103 McCormick st.
Allande, A., clerk, (L. Zeckendorf & Co).
Allen, L. B., train dispatcher, S. P. R. R.
Allen, Charles A., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
ALLIS, S. M., civil engineer, 206 Pennington st.
Almuzan, Ampuro, 12 Stone ave.
Alvord, L. C, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Amabisca, Gertrudes, 408 Meyer st. S.
Ainado, Manuel, rancher, res. 619 Stone ave.
Ames, John, coachman, 211 Ochoa st.
AMERICAN CASH STORE, (E. Germain, proprietor), 13, 15 and 17 Mesilla st.
Andrada, Nabor, mason, 526 Main st. S.
Anderson, Jacob, blacksmith, 106 Ochoa st.
Angulo, Ventura, merchant, 319 Convent st.
Apsey, Job, bartender. Palace Hotel.
Arback, John, bartender, Palace Hotel.
Arbillo, Petra, 418 Meyer st. S.
Archa, Charles, blacksmith, S. P. R. R. shops.
Arcia, Pedro, baker, 728 Meyer st. S.
Archivaldo, Juan, 118 McCormick st.
Arivalla, Francisco, merchant, 433 Meyer st. S.
ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA LUMBER COMPANY, Office and Yard opp. S. P. R. R. depot.
Armenta, Jesus, mason, 21 Pearl st.
Armenda, Atanasio, farmer, res. 728 Meyer st. S.
Armer, Thomas, cook. Porter's R R. Hotel.
Aros, Romolu, Convent st.
Aros, Julian, res. near Buell's Addition.
Aros, Manuela, 403 Convent st.
Arvizo, Carmen, res. Alemeda st.
Arvizo, Urgencio, 419 Convent st.
Acedo, Luterio, 3 Stone ave. ,
Acedo, Mariano, Sixth ave., near Pennington st.
AULD, JAMES (W. B. Hooper & Co.) res. 26 Court House Block.

Badia, Pedro, miner, res. 9 Gay alley.
BAGNASCO, P., photographer, 22 Camp st.
Bagley, William, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
BAILEY, J. O., (Rickey & Bailey,) Silver Lake Resort.
Bailey, A. L., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Bailey, , stone mason, res. Allen's Addition.
Baird, Samuel, clerk, (Leo Goldschmidt).
Baker, Mrs. T. J., dressmaker, 13 Meyer st. S.
Baker, Calistro, laborer, S. P. R. R. shops.
Baker, Benj., fireman, S. R R. R.
Balcom, R. G., real estate, cor. Eleventh and Herbert sts.
Baldwin, Robt., bricklayer, cor. Pennington and Church sts.
Ballesteros, Soledad, 539 Main st. S.
Ballesteros, Sra. Trinidad, 336 Convent st. f
Ballesteros, J. M., inspector at U. S. Custom House. -. '
Barraza, Sra. Carmen, res. 407 Convent st.
Barragan, Rafael, merchant, 200 McCormick st.
Barraofan, Jose, clerk, 200 McCormick st.
Barrett, Charles, waiter, Porter's R. R. Hotel.
Barges, Salome, artist, 616 Meyer st. S. '^
Barcelo, Bartolo, 228 Simpson st.
Barker, E. A., druggist (G. Witfeld).
Barnes, J. C, 745 Meyer st. S.
Barnard, E. A., speculator, res. 514 Pennington st.
Barney, J. P., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Baron, Eduardo, carpenter, 208 Camp st.
Barron, Ramon, laborer (C. T. Etch ells).
Barruses, Francisco, barber, res. 602 Stone ave.
BARTER, GEO. W., compiler Tucson Directory.
Bartolomy, Casimiro, grocer, 401 Meyer st. S.
Basil, Mother, Novitiate School, Convent st.
Bassler, Mrs. A., milliner, 219 Congress st.
Batista, Sra. Mariana, 330 Meyer st. S. .
Baulf, Alberto, clerk, 114 Court st. N.
Baum, Kuno, clerk (L. Zeckendorf &; Co.)
Bawer, John, porter (Lord & Williams Co.) ^
BAYER & SCHWARZ, (Jos. Bayer & L. Schwar^f props Park Brewery and Levin's Park.
BAYER, JOSEPH, (Bayer & Schwarz), res. Levin's Park.
BEALL, GEO. T., attorney-at-law, res. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
BEAN, COL. A. A., asst. supt. S. P. R. R., office R. R. depot.
Beety, James, bX^akeman, S. P. R. R.
Bell, James, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Bennett, A. J., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Berdon, Clemente, carpenter, 206 McCormick st.
BERGER, J. M., jeweler, 19 Congress st., res. Ill Simpson st.
Bernal, Claudio, 744 Meyer st. S.
BETZ, JOSEPH, (Mint Exchange), 107 Congress st., res. 316 Congress st.
Blackburne, C. W., carriage trimmer (C. W. Clarke's).
Black, Mrs. H. J., furnished rooms, 316 Stone ave. S.
Black, Frank, speculator, res. 108 Main st. N.
Black, F. S., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Blade, James, miner, 13 Stone ave. N.
Blain, T. M., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Blaine, W. M., harness-maker (C. W. Clarke's).
Bojorques, Juan, grocer, 417 Meyer st. S.
BOLYN, D. J., drayman, office 16 Congress st., res. 104 Fifth ave.
Bon, Manuel, carpenter, 700 Stone ave. S.
Bonillas, Trinidad, res. 517 Convent st.
Bonillas, Ygnacio, school teacher, 111 Stone ave. S.
Borton, Author, clerk, res. 610 Stone ave. S.
BORQUEZ, MODESTO, merchant, 404 Meyer st. S.
Bostick, Samuel, 22 Church st. N.
Bouchet, Julio, clerk, res. 102 Cushing st.
Bourke, G. E., fireman, S. P. R. R.
BOWKER, GEO. H., Supt. Telephones, office 16 Congress st.
Bowman, Fr. B., bookkeeper, (W. B. Hooper &; Co.,) res. Palace Hotel.
Box, Willey, miner, 236 Main st. S.
Boyce, Mathew, carpenter, 2 Jackson st.
Boyd, W. A., division shop clerk, S. P. R. R., res. n. s. 11th st. near S. P. R. R. track.
Bradley, C. L., enginer, S. P. R. R.
BRAGG, A. M., blacksmith and wagon maker, cor. Church and Pennington sts. [Justice of Peace]
Bravo, Isniacd, teamster, res. 517 Convent st.
Bravo, Bernardo, capitalist, res. 611 Convent st.
Brandenberger, Wm., painter, 25 Pearl st.
BRAWLEY, H. J., city editor Daily and Weekly STAR.
BREWER, ARTHUR K., assayer, opp. Safford, Hudson & Co.'s Bank.
Brichta, A., saloon keeper, 610 Pennington st.
Brickta, B. C, compositor. Daily and Weekly JOURNAL.
Briggs, D. L., engineer, S. P. R. R. shops.
Brickford,T. C, laborer, S. P. R. R. shops.
Brickwedel, M. H., restaurant, 12 Fifth ave.
Broadwell, J. W., conductor, S. P. R. R.
BROKAW, ISAAC E., jailer, Pima Co. Jail.
Brooks, W. L., clerk at Post-office.
Browder, Joseph A., agent, 424 Meyer st. S.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. (See Societies.)
Brown, Oliver J., employee S. P. R. K
Brown, Oliver, employee S. P. B. R.
Brown, J. S., conductor, S. P. R. R.
BROWN, GEO. W., editor Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Brown, Chas. O., miner, res. 115 Jackson st.
BROWN, R. C, publisher and proprietor Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Brown, Thomas, fireman, S. P. R. R.
BROWN, H. J., crockery and hardware. 108 Main st. S., res. 221 Main st. S.
Brown, Truman, employee Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Brown, Richard (Carroll's Livery Stable).
BROWN, L. M., prop. Grand Hotel, cor. Church st. and Maiden Lane.
BROWN, M. T., mining, 433 Main st. N.
BROWN, J. N., prop. Tucson Club House, 215 Pennington st.; res. 212 Congress st.
BRUCKNER, JOHN, news agent, res. 11th ave., bet. 19th and 20th sts.
Brunier, Sra. Josefa, salocgi and fancy store, 423 Meyer st. S.
Brans, Henry, 222 Meyer st. S.
Bryden, S. W., compositor. Daily and Weekly STAR.
BUCKALEW, O., capitalist, res. Buckalew's Block.
BUCKALEW'S BLOCK, n. s. Court Square.
BUCK, H., ice-cream saloon, 215 Congress st.
Budge, R. F., mining expert, 230 Main st. S.
BUEHMAN & CO., photographers, 105 Congress st.
BUEHMAN, H. (Buehman & Co.) res. 316 Congress st.
BUELL, JAMES, mining lawyer, 222 Meyer . st. S.; res. Buell's Addition.
Buelna, Bernarda, 7 Gay Alley.
Bumgardner, F. H., compositor, Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Burns, H. P., 205 Congress st.
BURNS, F. H., City Market, 205 Congress st.
Burr, F. W., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Burrnel, Manuel, butcher, 115 Main st. N.
Burtony, Ambrose, carpenter, 220 McCormick st.
Buryman, F. M., salesman, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Bush, George, butcher, 228 Convent st.
Bustamante, Peter, barber, 234 Main st. S.
Biistamante, Maria, 740 Meyer st. S.
Butkoffky, Alex., waiter. Grand Hotel.
BUTTNER, A. G., Marshal and Chief of Police, office, 16 Meyer st. S.; res. 505 Stone ave. N.
Butler, R. J., clerk, U. S. Internal Revenue Office.
Butler, William, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Butler, Mrs. G. J., 207 Fifth ave.

CABINET SALOON, Carre & Sander, proprs., 1 1 9 Congress st.
Caballeri, Augustin, Deputy Sheriff Pima Co., res. 9 Pearl st.
Calder, W. C, (Newlands & Calder) 118 Congress st.
Calen, Henry, carpenter, S. P. R. R.
Callahan, J. W., carpenter, S. P. R. R.
Callahan, T. R., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
CAMPBELL, ALEX. C, (Campbell & Robinson) attorneys at law, office 34 Camp st.
Campbell & Robinson, attorneys at law, 34 Camp st.
Campas & Guadalupe, 4 Jackson st.
Campusano, Crescucio, baker, res. 508 Convent st.
Carerra, Sra. Josephine, 334 Meyer st. S.
Carter, G. C, plasterer, 311 Congress st.
CARR & GREGG, (E. M. Carr & F. W. Gregg) attorneys at law, cor. Pennington «& Warner sts.
CARRILLO, LEOPOLDO, capitalist, 7 Mesilla st.
Carrillo, Jesus, butcher, 254 Meyer st. S.
Carrillo, Sra. Teodosia, grocer, 436 Meyer st. S.
Carroll, James, superintendent Cosmopolitan Hotel.
CARROLL, JAMES, livery stable, cor. Pennington and Court sts.
Carranse, Margarita, 519 Meyer st. N.
CARR, JOHN S. (W. B. Hooper & Co.) and Mayor of Tucson, res. 24 Court st.
CARRE & SANDER (Cabinet Saloon) 119 Congress st.
CARRE, A. (Carre & Sander) 119 Congress st.
CASWELL, A. M., commission merchant, 337 Meyer st. S.
Castillo, Jose, cor. Meyer and McCormick sts.
Castillo, Encamacion, N. E. cor. Meyer and McCormick sts.
Castro, Gerardo, tinsmith (W. C. Davis's).
Castro, Carmen Y. 8 Jackson st.
Castro, T. Mejia de, 8 Jackson st.
Castro, Dolores, dressmaker, 23 Oclioa st.
Castro, Rafaela, capitalist, 6 Corrall st.
Castro, Raffaela, 227 Convent st.
Castillo, Eugenio, 736 Meyer st. S.
CASON, C. & CO., proprs. Maison Doree, cor. Camp and Meyer sts.
Cassell, Michael Corrall, cor. Ochoa and Convent sts., res. 112 Stone ave. S.
Calton, F., brakeman, S. P. R. E.
Caverly, Richard, boiler maker, S. P. R. R. shops.
Caughlan, D., clerk, res. 501 Stone ave. S.
Cawgar, A., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Celaya, Luciano, 708 Meyer st. S.
CHAPMAN, FRANK, grocer, cor. Church and Pennington sts.; res. 507 Pennington st.
Chapman, Fred, compositor. Daily and Weekly JOURNAL.
Chapplain, J. D., carpenter, 222 Congress st.
Chacon, Eduardo, 614 Pennington st.
Chan Tin Wan, Chinese goods. 111 Main st. N.
Chambers, H. A., telegraph operator, S. P. R. R. office.
CHAROULEAU, JEAN P., capitalist, 12 and 14 Church Square.
CHAROULEAU, JOHN, capitalist, 12 and 14 Church Square.
Chavez, Mariana, salesman, (Wm. Zeckendorf.)
Chevallier, V., chemist, 25 Congress st.
Chick, Martin, warehouseman, (L. Zeckendorf &d Co.) res. 409 Congress st.
Chick, J., warehouseman, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
CHILSON, L. D., County Surveyor, Mining and C. E., Notary Public, and Deputy U. S. Surveyor, office, 9 Meyer st. S.
Chirighin, M., 1 and 2 Maiden Lane,
Choate, P. H., miner, res. 219 Camp st.
Cinner, Geroline, waiter, Porter's R. R. Hotel.
CITIZEN, daily and weekly, office 4 Church Plaza.
CLARKE, C. W., harness and saddles, cor. Main and Congress sts.
Clark, H. L., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Clark, Dr., merchant, res. 625 Stone ave. S.
Cleland, F. W., painter, 25 Pearl st.
CLENSAY & CO., WALTER, commission, fruit and produce, 1 and 2 Maiden Lane, cor. Meyer st. S.
Cline, James, cook, I X L Restaurant.
Clines, James, cook, 409 Main st. S.
Clisbee, A. L., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
CLUM, GEO. A., clerk, U. S. Dist. Court, res. 135 Alameda st.
Clyde, Thomas, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Cobler, Frank, foreman daily and weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Coenen, Anthony, Deputy County Recorder.
Cohn, A. E., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Cohn, J. M., merchant, 218 Meyer st. S.
COLE, WILLOUGHBY, clerk, 13 Pearl st.
COLTON, E. F., livery and feed stable, 332 Meyer st. S.
COLEMAN, J. J., Under-sheriff Pim.a County.
COLVILLE, ED., mining, 18 Church st.. Grand Hotel Building.
Collmen, Henry, clerk (J. S. Mansf eld's.)
Collins, John (col'd), waiter. Congress Hall Restaurant.
Contreras, Manuel, saddle-tree maker (C. W. Clarke's.)
Contreras, Angel, tinsmith (W. C. Davis's.)
CONGRESS HALL, saloon, etc., cor. Meyer and Congress sts.
Conley, Henry, merchant, 734 Meyer st. S.
Condon, J. A., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Conn, M. M., Congress Hall, res. 417 Congress st.
CONSTENZ, FRITZ, capitalist, Meyer st., bet. Congress and Cushing.
Cook, E. H., miner, res. 112 Jackson st.
Cook, William, employee. Park Brewery.
Cooler, George, mining, 210 McCormick st.
Coppel, I. F., merchant, res. 422 Convent st.
Corbett, W. J., assistant postmaster.
CORBETT, H. D., grocer, 25 Sixth ave.; res. 637 Pennington st.
Cordora, Jose, farmer, res. 712 Meyer st. S.
CORDIS, THOMAS, collector U. S. Internal Revenue, office 204 Convent st.
Cordrence, Luis, barber, res. 11 Pearl st.
Cordarrens, Louis, barber, 217 Meyer st. S.
Cornelia, Montanno, restaurant, cor. Meyer and Ochoa sts.
Cornwall, W. A., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Corona, Marcos, 322 Main st. S.
Cortez, Manuel, 422 Main st. S.
Corea, Mariana, 108 Gushing st.
Cory, Frank, saloon, cor. Court st. and Maiden Lane.
Coschina, Jos. M., manager Clensay & Co., 1 and 2 Maiden Lane.
Cota, Manuel, clerk, 716 Meyer st. S.
Cota, Gurnesinda, 110 Gushing st.
CRONLEY, ANDREW, Deputy County Treasurer Pima Co., res. 310 McCormick st.
CREIGHTON, W. W., miner, res. Palace Hotel.
CROPPER, W. L., carpenter, 314 Congress st.
Crosby, Charles, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Cruz, Filomeno, carpenter. Main st. N.
Cruz, Gabriel a, capitalist, 125 Cushing st.
Cuen, Francisco, harness and saddlery, 311 Meyer st. S.
CULLUM, H. B., cashier U. S. Depository, res. 412 Congress st.
Culbertson, E. M., engineer, S. P. R. R.
CULVER, JOHN P., civil engineer, hy. and mining eng., assayer and Depty. U. S. Mining Surveyor, 224 Congress St.; res. 220 Camp st.
Curiel, Ynez, 102 Church st. N.
Curtis, B. W., mining, res. 119 Jackson st.
CZERWINSKY, T., clothing store, etc., cor. Mesilla and Main sts.
Czerwinsky, Julius, clerk, cor. Meyer and Mesilla sts.
Czerwinsky, Emanuel, clerk, cor. Meyer and Mesilla sts.

Dachena, A., cor. Mesilla st. and Church Plaza.
Daguerre, A., capitalist, 519 Pennington st.
Daniels, N. E., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Dascomb, O. R., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Davila, Francisco, 619 Meyer st. S.
Davidson, Thomas, engineer, S. P. R. R.
DAVIS, W. C., manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, 100 Main st. S. ; res. 220 Congress st.
Davis, J. W., mining, 32 Church st.
Davis, John, guard at Co. Jail.
Dean, J. B., druggist, (G. Witfeld).
Dean, James C, shooting gallery, Levin's Park; res. 14 Pennington st.
DEAN, C. C, (Wetmore & Dean), 10 Meyer st. S.
Dean, E. H., saloon, 745 Meyer st. S.
De Daufort, Henry, lodgings, cor. Ochoa st. and Stone ave.
DE HART, H. M., chief clerk U. S. Surveyor-General’s Office.
DE LONG, S. R., Tully, Ochoa & Co.
De Land, Col. A., mining, 212 Convent st.
DEL AMO, DR. JUAN, 309 Meyer st.
Demain, E. R., Asst. Observer U. S. Signal Service, 13 Court Square.
De Soto, N. L., clerk (L. Meyer & Co.)
DETOY, CHARLES, wholesale and retail grocer, 1 and 3 Church Plaza; res. 130 Court st.
Dexter, G. B., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Diaz, Sra. Teodora, 425 Convent st.
Diaz, Jesus, 20 Church st. N.
Diaz, Sra. Refugio, res. 423 Convent st.
Dickey, W. S., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Dietz, Fred, fireman S. P. R. R.
Dill, T. H., Palace Hotel.
DIXON, J. E., proprietor Russ House, Camp st.
Dobbs, E. W., miner, 220 Simpson st.
Dodge, M. P., clerk (A. D. Otis & Co.)
DODGE, E. S., lodging house, cor. Pearl and Pennington sts.
DOHERTY, W. J., proprietor Tucson Vinegar Works, west of R. R. depot.
Donaldson, James, engineer, S. P. R R.
Donahue, J. H., fireman S. P. R. R.
Donnelly, Chas. E., operator, W. U. Tel. Co.
Dousing, Louis, prop. Union Saloon, 207 Meyer st. S.
Donahoe, F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Doninguiz, Rosario, carpenter, 710 Meyer st. S.
DORMAN, S. M. (J. S. Morgan & Co.), 6 Camp st.
Donzleman, C. A., laborer, S. P. R. R. shops.
Dot, Ah, butcher (J. S. Crosley & Co.)
Douville, L., tailor, 8 Camp st.
DOWNEY, P., I X L Restaurant and Lodging House, Church Plaza.
Downie, Wm., carpenter, cor. McCormick and Convent sts.
DRACHMAN & CO. (P. Drachman & S. H. Drachman), merchants, corner Meyer and McCormick sts.
DRACHMAN, HON. PHILIP (Drachman & Co.), res. 112 Ochoa st.
DRACHMAN, HON. S. H. (Drachman & Co.)
DRAKE, C. R., County Recorder Pima County, res. 401 Stone ave. S.
Dresser, F. B., cor. Congress and Warner sts.
DRISCOLL, THOMAS fMaish & Driscoll), res. Palace Hotel.
Droff, Phillip, laboi-er, S. P. R. R.
Dunham, , contractor, res. Allen's Addition.
Dunne, James, blacksmith (C. T. Etchells').
Dunsford, Walter, barkeeper, Congress Hall.
Durago, Reyes, blacksmith, 623 Stone ave. S.
Durazo, Alfredo, 221 Kennedy st.
Duran, Mateo, 400 Meyer st. JS^.
Durr, Joseph, saloon, 3 Mesilla st.
Dyer, H. F., telegraph operator, res. O'Rourke's Lodging House.
DYER, J. J., drayman, 28 Ochoa st.
DYER & RAYNES, props. Pioneer Truck Line.

EAGLE FLOURING MILLS, (E. N. Fish, propr.. Main st. S.
Eagan, Cornelius, mining, 410 Pennington st.
Earickson, E. J., upholsterer, (Leo Goldschmidt).
Earll, F. A., clerk, (M. Katz) res. 129 Alameda st.
Earll, A. R., law student, res. 129 Alameda st.
EARLL, SMITH, CAMPBELL &; ROBINSON, atty's at law, 34 Camp st.
EARLL, W., attorney at law, 34 Camp st., res. 129 Alameda st.
Edwards, C. F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
EDWARDS, W. S., capitalist, res. Military Plaza.
Eff, M., cook, Grand Hotel.
"EL FRONTIERIZO," published weekly, Carlos I. Velasco proprietor, 621 Stone ave. S.
Elias, Perfecto, jeweller, 108 Convent st.
Elias, Jesus Pacheco, capitalist, 117 Jackson st.
Elias, John, stock raiser, res. 268 Main st. S.
Elias, Braulio, 15 Jackson st.
Ellis, John, 634 Pennington st.
Emond, Peter, painter, 108 Camp st.
Encinas, Carmen, res. near Buell's Addition.
Epsey, Joseph, clerk. Palace Hotel.
Erran, Soledad, 612 Pennington st.
Erreras, Juan, farmer, res. 712 Meyer st. S.
Erribes, Jose J., compositor, 621 Stone ave. N.
ESCOBAR, POF. FRANCISCO, Musician, 106 Convent st.
Escobar, Victoriana, porter (M. Katz), res. 509 Pennington st.
Escoboza, Francisco, carpenter, 6 Jackson st.
Espinosa, Santiago, capitalist, 326 Convent st.
Esparzo, Francisco, policeman.
Espinoza, Victor, res. 123 Camp st.
Estrada, Matias, teamster, res. 506 Convent st.
Estrella, Benigno, res. Meyer st. S.
ETCHELLS, CHAS. T., blacksmith and wagon maker, cor.
Congress and Pearl sts. ; res. 308 Main st. N.; also member of City Council.
E-ti, laundry, 234 Convent st.
EUPHRASIA, SISTER, Parochial School, Roman Catholic Convent.
EUSTIS, WM., capitalist, res. Gay alley.
EUTICHIANA, SISTER, Musical Dept. Roman Catholic Convent.
EVANS, J. W., U. S. Deputy Marshal, res. Palace Hotel.
EVANS & CO. (John Evans and J. F. Topliff) architects, builders,, etc., 202 Congress st.
EVANS, JOHN (Evans & Co.) res. 222 Convent st.
EVANS, BELLE L., Spring Garden Baths, Simpson st.
Evarts, John, Deputy Sheriff Pima County.
EXCELSIOR BREWERY (C. Mundelius) IJ miles from city.
EZEKIELS, MARK, traveling agent (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Ezekiels, Alex., clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)

Fairchilds, Geo., engineer, S. P. R. R.
FARLEY, HUGH, (Farley & Pomroy), District Attorney, office, cor. Meyer and Pennington sts.
FARR, L. T., Pioneer Soda & Ice Works, 215 Convent st.
Farrell, Joseph, tinsmith, (W. C. Davis.)
Farrell, J. C, res. near R. R. Depot.
Federico, Alejo, 219 Kennedy st.
Feldman, Miss Yetta, cashier, (L. Meyer &> Co.)
FELIX & CO., D., (D. Felix & C. F. Wilkins), grocers, 109 Congress st.
FELIX, D., (D. Felix & Co.), res. 427 Congress st.
Felix, Wenceslao, merchant, 3 Tenth st.
Felix, Wenceslau, bookkeeper, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Felix, Jose, teamster, res. 646 Convent st.
Felix, Jane, dressmaker, 332 Meyer st. S.
Felix, Tereza, 528 Main st. S.
Felix, Josef a, merchant, 525 Main st. S.
Felix, Manuel, employee. Fish's Mill.
Felix, Febrona, 104 McCormick st.
Felix, Srta. Jesus, dressmaker, 332 Meyer st. S.
Ferrin, Joseph, tailor, 219 Meyer st. S.
Fetterly, R., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Fiala, John, clerk (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
Fickey, C. H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
FIELD & MORGAN (Geo. L. Field & W. M. Morgan), Ironwood Livery Stable, 109 Sixth ave.
FIELD, GEO. L. (Field & Morgan) res. 105 Sixth ave. .
FIELDS, EDWARD, oapitalist, Palace Hotel.
Figuiroa, Manuel, res. 5 Alameda st.
Figuiroa, Rafael, res. Alameda st.
Fimbres, Santos, 743 Meyer st. S.
FISH, E. N. (Eagle Flour Mills), res. 208 Main st. S.
Fish, J. D., clerk, S. P. R. R. office.
Fisher, Leonard, 223 Meyer st. S.
Fisher, C. F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Fisk, John St. John, miner, res. 135 Alameda st.
Fitzhugh, J. F., compositor. Daily and Weekly STAR.
Fitzgerald, E. G., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Fitzpatrick, M. F., carpenter, 222 Congress st.
FLEISHMAN & CO., FRED, druggists, cor. Congress and Court sts.
Fleming, Chas. L., waiter. Park Rest.
Floisheim, Wm., (A. Goldschmidt & Co.,) 108 Congress st.
Flores, Sra. Theresa, 336 Meyer st. S.
Flores, Sra. Loisa, 309 Convent st.
Follansbee, A. D., foreman, S. P. R. R.
Forbes, John, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Ford, Pierce, clerk, (W. C. Davis).
FOSTER & HAND, saloon, cor. Mesilla and Meyer sts.
FOSTER, GEORGE, (Foster & Hand), cor. Convent and Jackson sts.
Foster, C. F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Foster, Hans, waiter. Palace Hotel.
Foy, W. G., 1 Welisch Block.
Franco, Agapito, 10 Stone ave. •
Fregosa, Tomas, clerk, 102 Gushing st.
FREMONT, GOV. JNO. C., Governor of Arizona; res. 245 Main st. S.
FRIED, I. S., real estate ag't, 9 Congress st.
FRYE, CHAS. H., teller, (Safford, Hudson & Go's Bank.)
Fulsher, W. H, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
FULLMER, N. S., carpenter, 220 Convent st.

Gallagher, Wm., mining expert, 244 Main st. S.
Gamez, Jose, res. near Buell's Addition.
Ganz, William, bakery, 115 Gongress st,
Garcia, Francisco, Sixth ave., near Pennington st.
Garcia, Manuel, mining expert, 202 McCormick st.
Garcia, Alejandro, mason, 6 Stone ave.
Garcia & Co., B., grocers, 701 Meyer st. S.
Garcia, Felipa, 213 Gushing st.
Garkelon, A., porter. Grand Hotel.
Garsisillo, Jesus, laborer, (G. T. Etchells.)
Gastelo, Jose, 622 Pennington st.
GATES, THOMAS, mining, 216 Convent st.
Gaynor, W. H., painter, Church Plaza.
Gerling, R. A., fireman, S. P. R. R.
GERMAIN, EUGENE, American Cash Store.
GERYAIS, M., clerk Probate Court, office 221 Meyer st. S.
Ghanetto, C, grocer, cor. Jackson and Meyer sts.
Gibeau, John, blacksmith, S. P. R. R. shops.
GIBSON, DAYID, miner, res. 8 and 5 Court Sijuare.
Gibson, Rosa, 81 Church st. N.
Gifford, E. B., mining, 810 Congress st.
Gifford, M. H., policeman, res. 419 Meyer st. S.
Gilbert, S. W., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Gill, Demetrius, bookkeeper (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
GILLETTE, D. B., capitalist, 244 Main st. S.
Gillette, Edward, clerk, 225 Main st. S.
Gillette, F. E., conductor' S. P. R. R.
Gimenez, Clemente, mason, 21 Pearl st.
Girard, James A., 230 Main st. S.
Girarcl, F. W., miner, 463 Main st. N.
GLASCOTT, D. S., speculator, 600 Pennington si
Gavilonda, Antonio, apprentice, (Leo Goldschmidt.)
Goodrich, A. L., fireman, S. P. R. R.
GOODMAN, A., wholesale and retail grocer, cor. Camp and Convent sts.
GOODRICH, BENJAMIN, attorney at law, 212 Pennington st. ; res. 428 Congress st. ^
Goodfriend, Simon, clerk, (C. T. Etchells).
GOLDSCHMIDT & CO., ADOLPH, (Adolph Goldschmid- and W. Floisheim), gents' furnish'g goods, 108 Congress st.
Goldschmidt, Alfred, clerk, (J. S. Mansfeld).
GOLDSCHMIDT, LEO, furniture, 236 Meyer st. S.
GOLDTREE, JOE, cigars and tobacco, cor. Meyer and Congress sts.
GOLDTREE, ISADOR, cor. Congress and Warner sts.
GOLDBAUM & WOLF, (L. Goldbaum and M. Wolf), hardware, cor. Main and Mesilla sts.
Goldbaum, L., (Goldbaum & Wolf.)
Goldberg, Isaac, merchant, 102 Main st. N.
Gomez, Francisco P., jeweler, 255 Main st. S.
Gomez, Jesus, peddler, 255 Main st. S.
Gomez, Librado, 618 Meyer st. S.
Gomez, Francisco, capitalist, 232 Main st. S.
Gonzalez, Gregoire, clerk, (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
Gonzalez, Pedro, baker, cor. Meyer and McCorndck sts.
Gonzalez, Novan, 407 Main st. S.
Gonzalez, Juliana, res. 5 Alameda st.
Gonzalez, Maria, 5 Alameda st.
Gonzalez, Carmen, 5 Alameda st.
GONZALEZ, SRA. FACUNDA, 405 and 407 Convent st.
Gonzalez, Ramon, teamster, 627 Convent st.
Gonzalez, Trinidad, res. near Buell's addition.
Gonzalez, Refugio, 304 Convent st.
Gotthelf, P., clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Gotthelf, J., clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Gotthelf. D., clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Graham, S. C, clerk (W. B. Hooper & Co.)
GRAND HOTEL, cor. Maiden Lane and Church st, L. M. Brown, prop'r.
Granillo, Sra. Luz, res. Meyer st. S.
Granillo, Sacramento, farmer, res. Meyer st. S.
Granie, Sacramento, merchant, 21 Gushing st.
Granie, Jenoveba, 119 Court st. N.
GREENUS & O'LEARY (A. E. Greenus & E. O'Leary), Tucson Painting Co., 25 Pearl st.
Greenus, A. E., (Greenus & O'Leary) res. 116 Ochoa st.
GRATTO, MATHEW, contractor and carpenter, 16 Church st.
GRATTO, R., carpenter, 16 Church st.
GRAVES, W. DE LA T., dentist, 20 Camp st.
GRAVEL & VAZQUEZ, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 106 Ochoa st.
GRAVEL, F. E., (Gravel & Vazquez), res. 8 Convent st.
Gray, R. W., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Grannis, F. R., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Greenleaf, E., fireman, S. P. R. R.
GREENE, COL. GEO. M., miner, 514 Meyer st. S.
GREENE, DR. ALFRED A., 514 Meyer st. S.
GREEN, A. P., mining, 212 Convent st.
Green, C. W., fireman, S. P. R. R.
GREGORY, REV. U., Pastor Baptist Church, cor. 8th st. and Stone ave.
GREGORY, J., clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.).
Grigaloa, Francisco, 612 Pennington st.
Grijalva, Crisanta, 11 Gay alley.
Grijalva, Suz, 3 Jackson st.
GROFF, C. F., brick and adobe layer, 319 Congress st.
Grosette, Antonio, steward. Porter's R. R. Hotel.
Groedel, Carl, traveling agent (L. Zeckendorf «& Co.)
GRUBER, J., gunsmith, 231 Meyer st. S.
Gutieress, Loreto, 507 Meyer st. S.
Guthrie, J. E., engineer S. P. R. R.
Gutsch, Harry F., (Elite Saloon), res. 305 Camp st.

HAINES, C. E., merchant, 400 Stone ave. S.
Halsfred, Ed., employee, S. P. R R.
HALLAHAN, THOMAS, clerk. Palace Hotel.
HALL, GEO. C, Sup't Schools, res. Public School Building.
Hall, Mrs. M. W., teacher, res. Public School Building.
HAMBURG, J. J., manager (W. Zeckendorf s), res. 245 Main St. S. •
Hamilton, Ed., machinist, S. P. R. R. shops.
Hamlin, S. H., employee, S. P. R. R. shops.
Hancock, James F., carpenter, 217 Camp st.
HANDY, DR. J. C, City Physician, 111 Congress st.
Hang Teong, laundry, 19 Church st.
Hanks, D. E., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Hanley, Martin, waiter. Palace Hotel.
HARLOW, C. E. (Lord & Williams Co.)
HARRIS, JOHN L., mining clerk, U. S. Surveyor-General's Office, 225 Main st. S.
Harris, E., fireman, S. P. R. R.
HARRIS, JACOB, fancy goods, 327 Meyer st. S.
HARRIS & SUTTON (W. H. Harris & W. Sutton), grocers, 224 Congress st.
Harris, W. H. (Harris & Sutton).
Harrison, J., clerk, Pima Co. Bank, res. 217 Congress st.
Harper, William, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Harper, W. H., local agent, S. P. R. R.
Hart, John, expressman, 320 Main st. N.
Haskell, J. M., miner, 110 Jackson st.
Haskell, Mat., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Hatch, F. W., bookkeeper. Daily and Weekly JOURNAL.
Hawkins, John,, cook, I X L Restaurant.
HAYNES, JOHN, attorney-at-law, office 15 Meyer st. S.; res. 103 Court St.
Haynes, Willis P., 15 Meyer st. S .
HEIMAN, G.,i»g|gMH ' I r 1 5 an^l 1 7 Mesilla st.
Henry, S. F., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Henry, W. A., compositor, Daily and Weekly STAR.
Henry, Geo. B., bookkeeper, Safibrd, Hudson & Co's Bank.
Hensley, W. E., mining, 24 Ochoa st.
Henderson, J. W., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Hernandes, Angel, 108 Kennedy st.
Hernandes, Francisco-, 110 Simpson st.
HEREFORD & ZABRISKIE, attorneys-at-law; 223 Meyer St. S.
HEREFORD, B. H., (Hereford & Zabriskie), res. 214 Pennington st.
Herreras, Rafaela, capitalist, 203 Kennedy st.
Hernandes, Luz, 516 Meyer st. S.
Hersey, James, Assistant Jailor Pima County.
Hewitt, J. S., employee S. P. K R.
HEWITT, J. H, 206 Convent st.
Hernandez, Juan C, tinsmith, (W. C. Davis) res. 124 Cushing street.
Heynemann, Edward, bartender, 821 Meyer st. S.
Hickey, Phillip K., bookkeeper (Leo Goldschmidt).
Hidalgo, Marina, 13 Gay alley.
Hildebrand, Chas., carpenter, 806 Congress st.
Hilton, Charles, brakeman S. P. R. R.
Hill, J. J., shipping and receiving clerk, S. P. R. R. office ; res. 410 Convent st.
Himbros, Teodora, farmer, 9 Stone ave. N.
HITTINGER, ANTON, S. F. Exchange, Meyer st.
Heinemann, B., bookkeeper, (W. Zeckendorf).
Hodges, D. F., 12 Toole ave.
Hoff, G. A., clerk, 17 Mesilla st.
HOFFMAN, GEORGE, capitalist, 18 Jackson st.
Hook, Frank E., employee, S. P. R. R. shops.
HOLBROOK, DR. C. E., Ill Congress st.
Holler, Mrs. S., dressmaker, 331 Meyer st. S.
Holmes, John A., machinist, S. P. R. R.
Hong, Wing On, merchant, 3 Pearl st. S.
Hopkins, W. B., Deputy Assessor Pima County.
Hopkins, Rufus C, translator & Spanish clerk, U. S. Surveyor-General’s Office
HOOPER & CO., W. B., (John S. Carr & James Auld) wholesale wines, liquors and cigars, 12 Mesilla st.
Hores, Jesus, employee S. P. R. R.
Horfigan, — , employee S. P. R. R. shops.
HORNBLOWER, W. H., D. U. S., 16 Congress st.
HORTON, W. B., public administrator, Pima County.
HORTON, H., wholesale & retail liquors, etc., 13 Main st. S.
Hovey, C. H., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Howe, Geo. P., clerk, (Lord & Williams Co.)
Harvard, H. B., clerk, 222 Camp st.
HUCKEE & KUCK, saloon, 18 Mesilla st.
HUCKEE, J. G., 18 Mesilla st.
HUDSON, CHARLES, Safford, Hudson & Co. ^
Hudson, Edward, cashier, Safford, Hudson & Co's Bank.
HUGHES, SAMUEL, capitalist, res. 304 Main st. N.
HUGHES, L. C, editor and prop'r. Daily and Weekly STAR, res. 102 Court st.
HUGHES, FREDERICK C, miner, 108 McCormick st.
Humphrey, D. G., commission merchant, 13 Jackson st.
Hunter, F. A., 1 Welisch Block.
HURD, REV. O., Pastor First Presbyterian Church, res. Stone ave., opp. Cemetery.
HUTCHINS, ROBT. A, Quarter-Master's Agt., res. Palace Hotel.
HYACINTH, MOTHER, Superioress Roman Catholic Convent.
Hyman, Sra. Maria, 306 Convent st.

Iench, Daniel, waiter. Palace Hotel.
Ind, L. B., engineer, S. P. R. R.
INNIS, J. F., 215 Convent st.
Ingles, E. T., engineer, S. P. R. R.

Jackson, C. F., bookkeeper, C____ Hotel
Jackson, M. A., foreman "Daily and Weekly STAR.
Jackson, J. C, miner. Palace Hotel.
Jacome, Soledad, 110 Court st. N.
JACOBS, W. M., assayer, 214 Pennington st.
JACOBS, B. M., cashier Pima Co. Bank.
JACOBS, L. M., vice-president Pima Co. Bank.
James, Charles, blacksmith, (C. T. Etchells.)
Jaut, Rudolph, clerk, (G. M. Berger.)
Jeffords, J. F., butcher, res. 500 Stone ave. S.
JEFFORDS, T. J., capitalist, cor. Church and Congress sts.
JOHNSON, C. H., Ventura Lodg. House, 633 Pennington st.
Johnson, H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Johnson, George, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Johnson, L. F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Johnson, Mrs. E. M., dressmaker, 216 Main st. S.
JOHNSON, W. L., Congress Lodging House, 411 Congress st.
Jurado, Domingo, 517 Convent st.
Jurado, Demetro, 324 Main st. S.
Jouvenceau, Father Francis, Vicar of St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church.
Jouvenceau, Father Anthony, St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church.

Kane, Dr. S. K., res. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Kane, James, compositor. Daily and Weekly JOURNAL.
KATZ, MARCUS, merchant, cor. Meyer and Congress sts.; res. 222 Main st. N.
Katz, Moses, clerk (M. Katz.)
KAUFMAN BROS., general merchandise, cor. Meyer and Mc- Cormick sts.
KAUFMAN, H. M., cor. Meyer and McCormick sts.
KAUFMAN, ISADORE, cor. Meyer and McCormick sts.
KAUFFMAN, I., gents' furnishing goods, 210 Meyer st. S.; res. 230 McCormick st.
KEARON, ROBERT E., manager W. U. Tel., office 106 Congress st.
Kearney, D., saw filer, 320 Congress st.
Keene, Andrew J., inspector U. S. Custom House, res. 617 Pennington st.
Kelley, James, clerk, 226 McCormick st.
KIESEL H. C, clerk (J. Goldtree), res. 308 Meyer st. N.
Kerner, Leo, clerk (W. Zeckendorf.)
Kilborn, A. D., division master mechanic S. P. R. R.
King, Charles, miner, I X L Lodging House.
King, Geo. R., mining, 429 Congress st.
Kippen, John, carpenter and millwright, 119 Camp st.
Kirk, A. W., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
KITCHEN, PETER, rancher, res. 821 Main st. S.
Kitt, W. F., res. 207 Fifth ave.
Knox, F. B., merchant and miner. Congress Hall.
Knox, George, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Knowles, Harry, assayer, 234 Meyer st. S.
Koob, Adam, butcher (J. S. Crosley).
KOWALSKE, I. B., manager (L. Meyer & Co.)
Krisham, Chas., shipping clerk (W. Zeckendorf).
KROWELL, HENRY, miner, res. cor. Church & Congress sts.
KUCK, JOHN (Hucke & Kuck).
Kunz, E., fireman, S. P. R. R.

Laborin, Vincente, waiter, Congress Hall Restaurant.
Lang, L. H., miller. Eagle Flour Mills.
LANGLEY, THOS. B., mining operator, Palace Hotel.
LANE, JAMES, steward Grand Hotel.
La Pierre, L. L., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Larson, E. C, blacksmith, S. P. R. R.
Lara, Ignacio, jeweller, 252 Main st. S.
Lawrence, Harriett, lodging house, 212 Camp st.
LAWRENCE, MADAME, fortune teller, 212 Camp st.
LAZARD, A., speculator, cor. Convent and Camp sts.
LEATHERWOOD, R. N., Treasurer Pima Co., res. cor. Congress and Church sts.
Leal, F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Leboisne, A., plasterer, 108 Camp st.
LEE, JAMES, flour mill, 1| miles s. w. of city.
Leeper, J. J., mining, 410 Pennington st.
Legarre, Juaquin, 19 Stone ave. N.
Leivar, Claudis, expressman, 118 McCormick st.
Lemon, Frank, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Leon, Rosario, 740 Meyer st. S.
Leon, Jesus, teamster, 6 Alameda st.
Lester, W. N., plasterer, 17 Stone ave. N.
Lester, S. W., carpenter, 18 Jackson st.
LEVIN'S PARK, foot of Pennington st.
Levanthal, A., general auctioneer, 106 Mesilla st.
Levy, Edmond, 104 Stone ave.
LEVIN, ALEX., capitalist, res. 599 Stone ave.
LEWIS, H. M., bookkeeper, (Lord & Williams Co.)
Lewis, W. H., carpenter, 15 Stone ave. N.
LEWIS BROS., boots and shoes, cor. Congress and Main sts.
LEWIS, M. C, (Lewis Bros.)
LEWIS, H. E., (Lewis Bros.)
LEWIS, S C, res. Palace Hotel.
Libby, W. T., engineer, (Eagle Flour Mills.)
Lichtenstadter, Martin, clerk, (N. Zeckendorf.)
LIGHTHIZER, H. B., notary public and mining lawyer, 7 Meyer st. S.
Littlefield, F., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Llames, Maria, 5 Alameda st.
Llain, Ignacio, clerk (W. Zeckendorf.)
Llains, Jose, clerk (S. Drachman), res. 508 Pennington st.
Lockwood, E., fireman, S. P. R R.
Lodle, A. F., ass't train dispatcher, S. P. R. R. office.
LONG, WILL. A., miner, 212 Ochoa st.
Loop, Chas. T., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Lopez, Juan, clerk (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Lopez, Ygnacio, res. near Buell's Addition.
Lopez, Teodora, 126 Gushing st.
Lopez, Ramon, shoemaker, 284 Gonvent st.
Lopez, Guadalupe, 405 Stone ave. N.
Lopez, Miliano, miner, 505 Pennington st.
LORD & WILLIAMS GO. (G. H. Lord, W. W. Williams and G. E. Harlow), wholesale merchants, cor. Main and Congress sts.
LORD, DR. G. H. (Lord & Williams Go.), Postmaster and U. S. Depositary.
Losana, Francisco, employee (W. G. Davis.)
Loss, G. J., fireman, S. P. R. R.
LOWENSTEIN & CO., drv goods, cor. Mesilla and Meyer sts.
LOWENSTEIN, MAX (Lowenstein & Go.)
LOWENSTEIN, E., (Lowenstein & Go.)
LOWENSTEIN, MANUEL, (Lowenstein & Go.).
Low, H., carpenter, S. P. R. R.
Lee Hop, laundry, 18 Gamp st.
LUGRETIA, SISTER, in charge St. Joseph's Academy, Roman Catholic Convent.
Lucke, Fred, bartender. Levin's Park.
LULLEY, LEWIS, porter, (Leo Goldschmidt), res. 280 Meyer street S.
LULLEY, MOSES, clerk, (Leo Goldschmidt), res. 280 Meyer street S.
LYFORD, L. DEXTER, physician & surgeon, 221 Congress st.
LYNCJH, JAMES, clerk, (Lord & Williams Co.)
LYNDE, GEO. L., mining. 117 Jackson st.
Lynch, Charles, reporter DAILY JOURNAL.

Mackey, W. M., clerk. Palace Hotel.
Mackey, A. J., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Maguire, John, saloon, 10 Fifth ave.
Mahone, A. N., paymaster's clerk, 210 Ochoa st.
Mahoney, Michael, policeman.
MAISH, FREDERICK, capitalist, res. 418 Meyer st. S.
Malvido, Sra. Rosino, 410 Meyer st. S.
Maldonado, Jose, clerk (Vazquez & Soto's) 510 Meyer st. S.
Mansco, Soledad, res. near Buell's Addition.
Mausco, Wm. A., waterman, res. Main st. and Osborn ave.
MANSFELD, J. S., Pioneer News Depot, 11 Congress st.
Manuel, Montano, blacksmith, 617 Stone ave.
MANLOVE, S. A., miner, 304 Main st. N.
Marr, J. T., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Marcus, James, clerk (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
MARONEY, PAUL, prop. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Maroney, L. D., supt. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Martin, Jose, waiter. Grand Hotel.
Martin, J. M., policeman, res. 7 Camp st.
Martin, F. W., laborer, S. P. R. R.
Martin, Thomas, engineer, S. P. R. R.
MARTIN, GEO. T., real estate, 109 Main st. S.
Martinez, Juaquin, clerk, 224 Meyer st. S.
Martinez, W. D., cor. Meyer and McCoimick sts.
Martinez, Sra. Feliciana, 602 Convent st.
Martinez, Sra. Maria, 409 Meyer st. S.
Martinez, Rosario, confectioner, cor. Sixth ave. and Pennington st.
Martinez, Francisco, 405 Main st. S.
Martinez, Pedro, clerk, (W. C. Davis) res. Meyer st. S.
Martinez, Jesus Ma., farmer, res. 535 Main st. S.
Martinez, Refugio, 526 Main st. S.
Martinez, V., employee S. P. R. R.
Martinez, Elena, 211 Kennedy st.
Martinez, Antonia, 19 Kennedy st.
Martiez, Pedro, tinsmith, (W. C. Davis.)
Mariner, B. M., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Maria, Joseph, clerk, 11 Mesilla st.
Mariscal, Jose M., messenger, W. U. Telegraph Office.
Massey, J. A., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
MASON, J, N., Mg'r Arizona and California Lumber Co.; office and yard opp. S. P. R. R. depot; res 201 Fifth ave.
Masias, Emilia, 213 Gushing st.
Mathews, T. M., emplovee, S. P. R. R. shops.
MATAS, DR. N. HY. physician and surgeon, 227 Main st. S.
MAUK, GEO. W., Deputy Collector U. S. Internal Revenue, 204 Convent st.
Maynard, M., clerk, res. 13 Pearl st.
Medina, Jose, 741 Meyer st. S.
Medina, Josef a, 120 McCormick st.
MEEK, G. F., compositor. Dally & Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
Melius, R. F., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Meneses, Mariano G., clerk, 106 Ochoa st.
Mendoza, Guadloupe, saloon, 432 Meyer st. S.
Mendibles, Rafael, teamster, res. 646 Convent st.
Menager, H., second-hand store, 230 Meyer st.
Meneses, Jose Maria, res. 528 Main st. S.
Mendoza, Gaudaloupe, barkeeper, 600 Meyer st. S.
Menzernen, Harry, machinist, S. P. R. R.
Mendibles, Agapita, farmer, res. 702 Stone ave. S.
Mendoza, Francisco, 106 Simpson st.
Mera, Rosa, 504 Meyer st. S.
Mercer, Howard, 16 Camp st.
Mesa, Sra. Josefa, res. 407 Convent st.
Meserve, Harry, clerk, Palace Hotel.
Messenger, E., fireman, S. P. R. R.
MESSERSMITH, J. L. (Sweetland & Co.) 318 Congress st.
Meyers, Phillip C, porter, Tucson Club House, 215 Pennington st.
Meyer, Sam. C, bookkeeper (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
MEYER, L. & CO. (L. Meyer & I. Meyer), general mdse., cor. Meyer & Mesilla sts.
MEYER, L. (L. Meyer & Co.)
MEYER, ISIDORE (L. Meyer & Co.)
Meyer, Mark C, clerk (Theo. Welisch & Co.)
Meyer, Antonio, 11 Mesilla st.
MEYER & MILTONBERG, City Bakery, 11 Mesilla st.
MEYER, CHARLES H., City Recorder, Notary Public, Police Justice and Justice of the Peace, office 16 Meyer st. S.
MEYER, MENDEL, mining, cor. Main and Mesilla sts.
Mickles, C. W., miner, 18 Jackson st.
Mills, Joseph, grocer, 425 Convent st.
MILLS, REV. W. G., Pastor M. E. Church.
Mills, Teodora, merchant, 425 Convent st.
Millar, J. C., millwright, 3 McCormick st.
MILLER, F. K., attorney-at-law, 210 Pennington st.
Miller, J. H., miner, 119 Jackson st.
Miller, A. H., brakeman, S; P. R. R.
Miller, Robert S., Dep. County Recorder, res. 100 Simpson st.
Miller, J. C, millman, 3 McCormick st.
MILTONBERG, F., baker, 11 Mesilla st.; res. 228 Convent st.
MINT EXCHANGE, 107 Congress st.
Miranda, Sra. Apolonia, 405 Convent st.
Modini, George, cook. Park Rest.
Mojia, Miguel, confectioner, 638 Pennington st.
Mollering, R., res. Welisch Block.
Molina, Sra. Serafina, res. 403 Convent st.
Molina, Josef a, 209 Maiden Lane.
Molina, Manuel, teamster, res. 400 Main st. N.
Molina, Francisco, 106 Gushing st.
Molina, Josef a, 113 McCormick st.
Molina, Alejendro, rancher, cor. Court and Washington sts.
Montana, Jose, clerk, 224 Meyer st. S.
Montana, Feliciano, merchant, 266 Main st. S.
Monje, Juan, sadler, (C. W. Clarke's).
Mundelius, C, Excelsior Brewery, IJ miles s. e. of city.
Montano, Simon, compositor, res. 621 Stone ave. S.
Montano, Francisco, 11 Stone ave. N.
Montes, Rosa, 209 Kennedy st.
Moore, John, policeman, res. 112 McCormick st.
Morales, Sra. Francisco, 5 Maiden Lane.
Moreno, Francisco, clerk, (A. D. Otis & Co.)
Moreno, Maria, 5 Alameda st.
Moreno, Ramon, clerk (A. D. Otis & Co.)
MORALES, DON VICENTE, Consul of Mexico, Mining Ex. building, Meyer st. S.
MORGAN, BENJAMIN, city attorney, 305 Pennington st.
Morgan, Jonathan, clerk (Theo. Welisch & Co.).
Moreno, Srta. Felicita. restaurant, 342 Meyer st. S.
MOREAL, ERNEST, Shakespeare Club House, 11 Camp st.
Moreno, A. G. clerk (L. Zeckendorf &; Co.).
Moreno, Jose, saddler, 123 Camp st.
Morgan, A. P., harness maker (C. W. Clarke).
MORGAN, W. M. (Field & Morgan), 109 Sixth ave.
Moreno, Encarnacion, carpenter, res. 406 Main st. N.
Morales, Alvina, 112 Court st. N.
Moreno, Jesus M., clerk, 218 Meyer st. N.
Morales, Eulogio, 132 Gushing st.
MORGAN, J. S. & CO., mining agents, 6 Camp st.
Moreno, Francisco, jeweler, 9 Ochoa st.
Moss, Austin, horse shoer, cor. Pennington and Meyer sts.
Mott, John, blacksmith, cor. Pennington and Meyer sts.
MT. ST. JOSEPH " NOVITIATE," Sisters of St. Joseph, Western suburbs.
Munguia, Ramon, res. 648 Convent st.
Muntz, Ben, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Munoz, Davio, merchant, 709 Meyer st. S.
Munguia, Sra. Josefa, res. 648 Convent st.
Munguia, Alvina, res. 319 Main st. N..
Mungeria, Jesus, butcher, cor. Meyer and Jackson sts.
MUELLER, W. M., tailor, 7 Camp st.
Murphy, Daniel, clerk, (L. Meyer & Co.)
Murietta, A. Q., merchant, 600 Stone ave. S.
Murray, J. H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Mund, F. L., employee, S. P. R. R. shops.
Murrietq, Francisco, res. 28 Cushing st.
Mussen, F. P., conductor, S. P. R. R.

McCANN, A., capitalist, res. 500 Stone ave. S.
McCarthy, Hugh, miner, res. cor. Corrall and Convent sts.
McCLEARY, T., Shakespeare Club House, 11 Camp st. res. 421 Congress st.
McCormick, John, waiter, Palace Hotel.
McDERMOTT, W. A., 427 Congress st.
McDermott, Mark, mining, res. 431 Congress st.
McElliot, James, miner, cor. Convent and McCormick sts.
McFADDEN & SERROT (J. A. McFadden, C. E. Serrot), groceries, fruits and provisions, 212 Meyer st. S.
McFADDEN, J. A. (McFadden & Serrot), res. 234 McCormick st.
McFADDEN, W. M., fruit dealer, 232 McCormick st.
McFarlane, W. J., conductor, S. P. R. R.
McKenzie, J. L., compositor, Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
McKenna, B., Gem Saloon, cor. Congress and Warner sts.
McKENNA, M., Deputy Assessor Pima Co., res. cor. McKenna and Meyer sts.
McKinnon, P. S., carpenter, 119 Camp st.
McMahon, James, waiter, Palace Hotel.
McMURTRY, LESLIE B., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
McMurray, Wm., fireman, S. P. R. R,
McReynolds, Geo., engineer, S. P. R. R.

Napolion, Jose, 733 Meyer st. S.
Navarro, Sra. Jesus, bakery, 438 Meyer St. S.
Naves, Refugio, 407 Main st. S.
NEWLANDS & CALDER, (W. Y. Newlands, W. C. Calder.) Senate Wine Rooms, 118 Congress st.
NEWLANDS, W. Y., (Newlands & Calder.)
Newcome, T. J., policeman, Telegraph Office, res. 412 Main st. N.
Nickerson, S. E., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Nilson, P. F., jeweler, 104 Congress st.
Norton, Frank C, Sup't Colton's Stables.
Noriega, Gregoria, restaurant, 109 McCormick st.
NORTON, I., broker, 105 Meyer st. S.
Norwood, T. M., capitalist.
NOYES, E. W., auctioneer, office Congress Hotel.
Nye, W. P., millwright, 3 McCormick st.

OATES, J. W., attorney-at-law, 3 Maiden Lane; res. 222 Congress st.
OCHOA, ESTEVAN, (Tully, Ochoa & Co.) res. 117 Stone ave. S.
Ochoa, Juan, blacksmith, 10 Corrall st.
O'DONNELL, P. N., Tucson Iron Foundry and Machine Shop, cor. Eighth st. and Third ave.
O'Brien, George, painter, res. cor. Pennington st. and Stone ave.
Olea, Mariana, baker, 704 Meyer st. S.
O'LEARY, E., (Greenus & O'Leary) 25 Pearl st.
Oliva, Jesus, musician, 134 Gushing st.
Olivas, Isidro, farmer, res. 440 Main st. N.
Olivas, Jesus, 428 Main st. N.
O'Neal, Frank, horse-shoer, cor. Pennington and Meyer sts.
Orchavol, W. J., wagon-maker, 215 Court st. N.
Orcillo, C, stage agent, Main st.
Orosco, J. M., clerk, (Tully, Ochoa & Co.)
O'Rourke, Thomas, loderinsf house, 251 Main st. S.
Ortego, Juana, 638 Pennington st.
Ortiz, Miguel, teamster, res. 503 Pennington st.
Ortiz Nasario, capitalist, 126 McCormick st.
OSBORN, WM. J., notary public, justice of the peace, attorney- at-law, cor. Maiden Lane and Meyer st.
Osgood, W. W., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Osuna, Juan, 18 Stone ave. N.
Oswaer, L., baker. Grand Hotel.
Oswald, F. H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
OTIS, A. D. & CO., (A. D. Otis, R. Eccleston), 301 and 303 Pennington st.
OTIS, A. D. (A. D. Otis & Co.), res. 621 Pennington st.
Otis, W. A., fireman, S. P. R. R.
OTT, H., city assessor, office with city recorder, 16 Meyer st. S.
OURY, WM. S., capitalist, res. 230 Main st. S.
Overman, A. L., fireman, S. P. R. R.

Pacheco, Ramon, rancher, res. 7 Pearl st.
Pacheco, Jose, merchant, 20 Jackson st.
Pahl, John, employee S. P. R. R.
PAIGE, CHAS. A., capitalist, 206 Convent st.
PALACE HOTEL, Meyer st. S.
Palmer, H. B., carriage maker, res. 251 Main st. S.
PANTLIND, JNO. T., prop r Elite Saloon, cor. Meyer and Congress sts.
PARK BREWERY, (Bayer & Schwarz,) foot Pennington st.
PARRA, SRTA. CRUZ R., teacher, Sicco Maria School, 22 Cushing st.
Parra, Jose, school teacher, 22 Cushing st.
PARRA, SRTA. DONACIANA, teacher, Sicco Maria School, 22 Cushing st.
Pasquale, F., saloon, 252 Meyer st. S.
Pa«qua]e, G., saloon, 252 Meyer st. S.
Pattiani, A. W., Draftsman Public Surveys, U. S. Surveyor- General's office, res. 422 Main st. N.
PATTERSON, JNO. W., searcher of records, 223 Congress st.
Patton, W. H., conductor, S. P. R. R.
PAUL, K. H., Sheriff Pima Co., res. 501 Stone ave. S.
PAULISON, C. M. K., real estate, 109 Main st. S.
Pearson, Mrs. A., hairdresser, 238 Main st. S.
PEARSON, E. C, Fashion Saloon, 23 Congress st.
Peguilhan, Francis, 211 Congress st.
PERCY, E. S., miner, res. 3 and 5 Court Square.
Perkins, A. O., fruit dealer, 302 Congress st.
PERRY, M. W., pressman. Daily and Weekly CITIZEN, 4 Church Plaza.
PERRY, JAMES C, attorney-at-law, 216 Pennington st.
Peres, Rinaldo, clerk (A. Goodman).
Perez, Rufugio, 223 Convent st.
Peralta, Jose M., miner, res. 517 Convent st.
Peralta, Severo, prospector, 324 Main st. S.
PETIT, A. P., architect, 21 Jackson st.
Phillips, Chas. H. (at Fashion Saloon) 23 Congress st.
Phillips, E. S., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Phillips, A. F., (at Star Corral), 223 Pennington st.
PHY, JOE, City Water Works, res. 313 Main st. S.
PIMA CO. BANK, 18 Congress st.
Pina, Luiza, 407 Stone ave. S.
Percy, F. F., clerk, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Plummerag, R., importer, res. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Poland, F. A., ass't train dispatcher, S. P. R. R. office.
POMROY, EVERETT B., (Farley &; Pomroy), U. S. District Attorney, cor. Pennington and Meyer sts. ; res. 431 Main street N.
Pompa, Lewis, clerk, (Tully, Ochoa & Co.)
PORTER, ASA A., Porter's R. R. Hotel.
Porter, Neil Willis, clerk, Palace Hotel.
Porter, T., 226 Congress st.
PORTUGAL, A., clerk, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
POSTON, COL. CHAS. D., res. Palace Hotel.
Patterson, Thos. B., salesman, (W. B. Hooper & Co.)
Potthoff, Robert, warehouseman (L, Zeckendorf & Co.)
Preciado, Antonio, grocer, 501 Convent st.
Preston, J. C. Ass’t Sup’t Telephones, 16 Comgress st.
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, west side Court-hourse Square.
Preuqistorai, Cruz A., 22 Cushing st.
PRINCE BROS., (L. M. Prince, Jno. Prince), carpenters and contractors, 121 Camp st.
Pringle, C. G., botanist, 226 McCormick st.
Prodos, George, restaurant, 120 Ochoa st.
Pusch & Zellweger, meat market, Mesilla st.

QUINLIN, JAMES, blacksmith and wagon maker, cor. Meyer and Pennington sts.
QUINN, J. B., lodging house and employment office, 207 Camp st.
Quiroga, Francisco, 213 Kennedy st.
Quiroga, Francisco, capitalist, res. 4 Corrall st.
Quong, Yon Chung, china goods, 2 Pearl st.
Quong, Chong, laundry, 1 Alameda st.
Quong, Wo, laundry, 129 Camp st.

Ramirez, Francisco; miner, 428 Main st. N,
Ramirez, Ramon, grocer, 622 Meyer st. S.
Ravisioni, Dan, chop house, 8 Mesilla st.
Ray, Charles, cor. Meyer and Camp sts.
RAYFIFLD, COL. GEO. propr. Palace Hotel.
Ray, D. B., miner, 207 Maiden Lane.
Raymond, B. F., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Rea, Ellis, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
REARDON, JAMES, propr. Tucson City Omnibus Line.
Rebiel, Joe, clerk, (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
Redding, M. J., miner, 508 Stone ave. S.
READ, W. S., Notary Public and Searcher of Records, 16 Congress st.
Reed, Georg^e P., miner, 220 Convent st.
Reed, William, cook, Palace Hotel.
Reed, W. H., carpenter, 4 Tenth st.
Reichenbach, Otto V., chop house. Congress Hall.
Resler, John, employee, S. P. R. R. shops.
Renard, Lewis, collar maker, (C. W. Clarke's.)
Reyes, J., compositor Daily and Weekly JOURNAL.
Reyner, Francisco, 27 Cashing st.
RICKEY & BAILEY, proprietors Silver Lake Resort.
RICKEY, J. F., (Rickey & Bailey) res. Silver Lake.
Richley, A., carpenter 110 Gushing st.
Richardson, R. R., cor. Convent and Jackson sts.
RICE, GEN'L E. W, miner, 127 Alameda st.
Ricker, Paul, draftsman U. S. Surveyor General's office.
Rickard, W. T. assayer, 1 Welisch Block.
Ridgway, C. J., agent Singer Sewing Machine.
Riley, Frank, carpenter, 231 Convent st.
Rimmer, D. F., conductor, S. P. R. R.
RIMPAN, FRED., clerk, L. Meyer & Co., 412 Convent st.
Rios, Sra. Guadaloupe, 406 Convent st.
RIORDON, W. E., Principal St. Augustin's Parochial School, 115, 117 and 119 Ochoa st.
Rios, Martina, 114 McCormick st.
Rios, Jesus, 325 Main st. S.
Rivas, Jose Maria, 728 Meyer st. S.
Rivera, Refugio, 400 Congress st.
Rivas, Maria Antonia, 728 Meyer st. S.
Rivera, Rosalia, 511 Main st. S.
Rivera, Jose M., 405 Main st. S.
Rivera, Ygnacia, 205 Church st. N.
RISLEY, E. W., clerk Board of Supervisors, res. Main st. N., op. Pomroy's.
Roberts, S. H., 303 Meyer st. N.
Robertson, R. D., engineer, res. 218 Camp st.
Robson, James, stenographer, with Dr. Lord.
Robles, Pedro, billiard saloon, 313 Convent st.
ROBINSON, JAMES F. (Campbell & Robinson), atty's at law, 34 Camp st.
Robles, Berneva, grocer, 501 Meyer st. S.
Robles, Florencio, butcher, 420 Meyer st. S.
Robinson, W. A., fireman S. P. R. R.
Roberts, S. H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Robles, Francisco, 515 Meyer st. S.
Roche, J. C, at Star Corrall, 223 Pennington st.
Roche, Wm., miner, 211 Church st. N.
ROCA, M. G., pawnbroker, 112 Main st. S.
Rodriguez, Otavaiano, 620 Meyer st. S.
Rodriguez, Francisco, merchant, 631 Pennington st.
Rodriguez, Jose, 26 Jackson st.
Rodriguez, Leonardo, 419 Main st. S.
Rodriguez, Jose, carpenter, 700 Stone ave.
Rodriguez, Filomeno, school teacher, res. 627 Convent st.
Rodriguez, Augustina, 537 Main st. S.
Rogers, W. J. (Stone, Rogers & Co.), 220 Meyer st. S.
Romero, Leonado, carpenter, Churcli st.
Romero, Reyes, teamster, 718 Meyer st. S.
Romero, Francisco, stock raiser, res. 221 JVIain st., N.
Romero, Jesus, harness maker, (C. W. Clarke.)
Romero, Jose, bit and spur maker, (C. W. Clarke.)
Romero, Demetrio L., grocer, cor. Church and Congress sts.
Romero, Secundino, blacksmith, Pearl st.
Romero, Jose, teamster, 407 Convent st.
ROSE, WILLIAM, mining and mechanical engineer, 512 and 514 Pennington st.
ROSKRUGE, G. J., civil engineer, 207 Fifth ave.
Rosenstock, Albert, barber, 418 Convent st.
Rosario, Brena, cabinet maker, (Leo Goldschmidt.)
Rothschild, Otto, candies, 7 Congress st.
Roussau, Charles, 12 Meyer st. S.
ROWLAND, W. E„ jeweler, cor. Church and Congress sts.
Rowley, J. C, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Rowland, Ed., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Ruelas, Juana, 13 Jackson st.
Ruelas, Francisco, stock raiser, res. 417 Meyer st. N.
Ruelas, Placido, 214 Meyer st. N.
Ruiz, Sra. Luz Barsano, 258 Main st. S.
Ruiz, Sra. Dolores, 517 Convent st.
RULE, W. H., California Lodging House, 321 Meyer st. S.
RUSSELL, GEO. T., manager Arizona STAR Job Printing House.
RUSS HOUSE, Camp st.
RUSK, J. G. & BROS., props. Star Corrall, 223 Pennington st.
Rusk, W. E., miner, 443 Main st. N.
Russell, H. D., marble worker, 309 Congress st.
Rusk, T. G., miner, 445 Main st.
Russell, D. F., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Ryan, Harry B., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Ryan, A. G., mining engineer, 208 Convent st.
RYAN, T. F., importer and distillers' agent, 333 Congress st.

SAFFORD, HUDSON & CO., bankers, 4 Congress st.
SAFFORD, A. K. P. (Safford, Hudson & Co.), banker, 4 Congress st.
Saens, Guadalupe, capitalist, 8 Pennington st.
Saens, Florentina, 13 2 McCormick st.
Saens, Brenidad, 8 Church st. N.
Saens, Carmen, 401 Meyer st. N.
Salazar Bandelio, assayer, res. 205 Fifth ave.
Salazar, Jr., Jose, grocery, 623 Meyer st.
Salazar, Sra. Nicholasa, res. 423 Convent st.
Salas, Francisco, blacksmith (with C. T. EtChells.)
Salas, Jesus Marie, tailor, 301 Court st. N.
Saladin, Frank, warehouseman (L. Zeckendorf & Co.)
SALPOINTE, RT. REV. J. B., bishop and vicar apostolic (R. C.) of Arizona and parts of New Mexico and Texas; res. Church st.
SAMPSON, A. B., tobacco, stationery, etc., 206 Main st. S.
Samuel, R. P., freighter, 218 Simpson st.
Samora, Sra. Nicholasa, Meyer st. S.
SAMANIEGO, MARIANO G., capitalist, councilman, etc., 24 Jackson st.
SAMANIEGO, B. T. freighter, 24 Jacson st.
Samuel, Charles, saloon, cor. Meyer st. S. and Stone ave.
SANDER, R., cabinet saloon, 119 Congress st.
Sanchez, Manuel, miner, 21 Kennedy st.
Santon, Joseph, painter, 106 Ochoa st.
Santa Maria, Rafael, rancher, 511 Main st. S.
Sanders, L., waiter, Grand Hotel.
Santillaness, Sra. Tereza, groceries, 400 Convent st.
Sanchez, Pedro, teamster, 509 Meyer st. N.
Sargent, F. P., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Sasueta, Leonardo, 614 Meyer st. S.
Sasueta, Margarita, 101 McCormick st.
Saunders, T. A., mining, Cal. Lodging House.
Sayre, D. L., compositor, JOURNAL office, 16 Church Plaza.
SCHWARZ, LOUIS (Bayer & Schwarz) Levin's Park.
SCHREIBER, PHILLIP, cabinet-maker, 408 Convent st.
Schanker, H., bookkeeper, 426 Congress st.
Scott, P. M., 9 Church st., S.
SCOTT, Jr., WM. A., Assistant Cashier Pima Co. Bank.
Scott, W. F., D'y Collector of Customs, 300 and 302 Main st. S.
Scow, Adolf, cook. Grand Hotel.
Searles, Ed., speculator, 516 Pennington st.
Seballos, Sra. Refugio, 414 Meyer st. S.
Selaya, Jesus, 5 Alameda st.
Selaya, Carmen, 5 Alameda st.
SELIGMAN & CO., C, grocers, 204 Main st.
Sepulveda, Juan, butcher, 127 Camp st.
SERROT, C. E., (McFadden & Serrot) 212 Meyer st. S. res. 234 McCormick st.
Serrot, Charles, fruit dealer, res. 232 McCormick st.
Server, C. T., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Sesman Sra. Dolores, 252 Main st. S.
Sessions, C. B., clei»k. Lord & Williams Co.
Shaw, Frank, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Shale, S. C, conductor, S. P. R. R.
Sharp, J. C, conductor, S. P. R. R.
SHEPARD, GEO. B., policeman, 330 Congress st.
SHEARER, GEO. B., telephone office, 16 Congress st.
SHELDON & WEEKS, saloon, 229 Meyer st. S.
Sherman, M. M., Vice Principal Public School
SHIBEL, CHAS. A., 257 Main st. S. [Palace Hotel]
Shone, Chas., saloon, 243 Meyer st. S.
Sierras, Sra. Juan, Convent st.
Sigsimund, Milligan, wagon maker with C. T. Etchells.
SILBERBERG, H., propr. Tucson laundry, 13 Sixth ave.
SILENT, CHARLES, attorney at law, 305 Pennington st.
SILYA, PROF. J. M., Principal Modern School, 518 Osborn ave.
Simpson, Frank, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Sinclair, D. A., 251 Main st. S.
Sing Wing, laundry, 5 Mesilla st.
Sisneros, Concepcion, 636 Pennington st.
SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, cor. Convent and Church Plaza. .
Siqueiros, Ramon, carpenter, 714 Meyer st. S.
Siqueiros, Jose, 16 Jackson st.
Skiff, L. A., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Skollar, E. J., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Smallwood, A. B., butcher, with J. S. Crosley.
SMITH, F. M., attorney-at-law, 34 Convent st.
Smith, J. M., lodging-house keeper, 302 Stone ave.
Smith, Miss Nora, teacher Public School.
Smith, H. A., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Smith, F. A., painter, 17 Church st. S.
Smith, James, merchant, 502 Stone ave.
Smith, Horace B., 308 Stone ave., near McCormick.
Smith, A. C, brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Smith, Fred, clerk, Grand Hotel.
SMITH, E. J., undertaker, cor. Camp and Church sts.
Smith, Henry, butcher, 240 Main st. S.
SMITH, OLIVER, 208 Pennington st.
Snedeker, A. D., 6 Camp st.
SNYDER, M. S., Dist. Assessor Pima County, 9 Church Plaza.
SORGATZ, BRUNO, res. 12 Pennington st.
SOTO, JOSE MANUEL, prop. A. & M. Mining Ex., 417 Meyer St. S.
SOTO, PABLO B., teacher Parochial School, 115 to 119 Ochoa St.
Soto, Alejandro, 127 Camp st.
Soto, Ramon, 510 Meyer st. S.
Soto, Antonio, 24 Stone ave. N.
Soto, Antonio, 614 Meyer st. S.
Soto, Encarnacion, 9 Gay alley.
Soto, Getrudes, 614 Meyer st. S.
Soto, Serafina, 614 Meyer st. S.
Soto, Sra. Dolores, 421 Meyer st. S
Soto, Calletano, teamster, 307 Court st. N.
Soto, Ramon, 106 Court st. N.
Soza, Sra. Carmen, 407 Convent st.
Soza, Sra. Leonarda, 419 Convent st.
Soza, Jose Maria, 18 Ochoa st.
SPAULDING, G. W., attorney at law^SSC^a^wsfeftOT st.
Spahr, J. C, fireman, S. P. R. R.
Sparrow, F. A., (colored) barber, 301 Meyer st. N.
SPEEDY, JAMES, mining, cor. Church and Franklin sts.
Spring, , bookkeeper, 221 Court st. N.
Spicer, W. J., butcher, 305 Meyer st. N.
Spooner, A. B., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Spoffbrd, L., carpenter, 625 Pennington st.
Sprague, Hiram, manager Mountain Ice Co.
SRESOVICH, I., grocer, res. 110 Camp st.
Stafford, Harry, foreman DAILY JOURNAL, 16 Church Plaza.
St. Charles Restaurant, 12 Meyer st. S.
STANFORD, F., attorney at law, office at Mining Exchange.
STAR, DAILY AND WEEKLY, cor. Congress and Convent streets.
Starr, Richard, clerk and operator, W. U. Tel. office.
STAR, CORRALL, 223 Pennington st.
Stegman. W. G., mining, — Congress st.
Stelzer, Martin, waiter. Palace Hotel.
Steer e, J. H., mining and civil engineer, res. Grand Hotel.
STEWART, Sr. W. H., (col'd) propr. Palace Shaving Saloon, 214 Meyer st. S.
Stewart, Jr. W. H., (col'd) 214 Meyer st. S.
Sterns, George, fireman, S. P. R. R.
STEINFELD, ALBERT, manager, L. Zechendorf & Co.
Steinfeld, Adolf, clerk, L. Zechendorf & Co.
Sterling, F, W. carpenter, S. P. R. R. shop.
STEVENS, HON. H. S., 212 Main st. S.
Stevens, J. L., machinist, S. P. R. R. shops.
STILES, THEO. L., attorn ey-at-law and U. S. Court Commis-
sioner: office 21G Pennington st.; res. 611 Pennington st.
STILWELL, HON. W. H., Associate Justice Supreme Court, res. 135 Alameda st.
Stovell, Miss Minnie, saleslady (with Theo. Welisch & Co.)
STONE, ROGERS & CO., boots and shoes, 220 Meyer st. S.
STOVELL, THOMAS, architect, 3 Pearl, cor. Alameda st.
Story, J. L., laborer, Carroll's Corrall.
Straun, John W., bookkeeper, Fish's Mill.
STRAUSS, CHAS. M., business manager L. Zechendorf & Co., res. 246 Main st. S.
Stuard, Charles, miner, 518 Meyer st. N.
Stuart, Chas. D., Elite Saloon, cor. Meyer and Congress sts.
Suarez, Rufina, 222 Court st. N.
Suastiqui, Rafael, jeweller, 629 Pennington st.
Sullivan, Wm., carpenter, 504 Stone ave.
SULLIVAN, M. J., 3 Pearl, cor. Alameda st.
Swenker, Mrs. Refugio, Congress street, east of Stone ftve.
SWEETLAND & CO. (J. L. Messersmith), furniture, spring bed factory, 318 Congress st.
SWEETLAND, B. R. (Sweetland & Co.), 318 Congress st.

Tallmadge, J. E., clerk, 224 Meyer st. S.
Tapia, Luis, merchant. No. Ill McCormick st.
TAPIE BROTHERS, Saloon, cor. Meyer and Camp sts.
Tapie, E., (Tapie Bros.) cor Meyer and Camp sts.
Tapie, G., (Tapie Bros.) cor. Meyer and Camp sts.
Taylor, H., engineer, S. P. R. R.
TELEPHONE OFFICE, 14J Congress st., adj. the post-office.
TEEPLE, R. E., cor. Congress and Court sts.
TENNEY, H. B., Manager for W. C. Davis, 100 Main st. S.
Terrasas, Ygnacio, blacksmith, 606 Stone ave.
Thomas, C. E., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Thomas, A., wiper, S. P. R. R.
Thomas, Dr. Peter, 107 Kennedy st.
THOMPSON, F. P., publisher 'and propr. JOURNAL, res. 12 Cushing st.
Thompson, T., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Thorn, L. S., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Tiegler, P. B., engineer, S. P. R. R.
TIFFANY, B. L., mining supt, 10 Meyer st. S.
Titus, W. B., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Topkins, T. R., cook, res. 207 Camp st.
Topkins, Fred W., cook, Park Restaurant.
Tolle, D., fireman, S. P. R. R.
Tony, Chas. H., machine helper, S. P. R. R. shops.
TOOLE, JAMES H., (Safi"ord Hudson & Co., bankers.) res. 200 Ochoa st.
Topliff, J. F., (Evans & Co.) notary public office, 222 Congress st. ; res. 217 McCormick st.
TORMEY, P., Fa.shion Saloon, 28 Congress st.
Tomi, Rosalio, carpenter, 12 Corrall st.
TOWNSEND BROS., produce and poultry, 207 Congress st.
Townsend, F. N., 207 Congress st.
Townsend, N. M., 207 Congress st.
Townley, C. E., carpenter, 121 Camp st.
Trabuco, John, teamster, 1 Court Square.
Trejo, Pedro, saddle maker, 24 Cushing st.
Trilleo, Essidoro, blacksmith, 264 Main st. S.
TUCSON IRON AND BRASS FOUNDRY, cor. Eighth st. and Third ave.
TUCSON LAUNDRY, 13 Sixth ave.
TULLY, P. R., (Tully, Ochoa & Co.) Prest. Pima Co. Bank.
Tully, Carlos H., interpreter, District Court.
TULLY, OCHOA & CO., general merchandise, cor. Main and Pennington sts.; res. 511 Pennington st.
Tung, Tam K., laundry, 239 Meyer st. S.
Turner, Dr. J., 2 Meyer st. S.
Tuska, U. J., Staging, office with Selligman & Co.
Tynan, A. F., musician, I. X. L. Lodging House.

UNDERWOOD, H. D., merchant, res. 314 Congress st.
Urias, Antonio, jeweler, 330 Meyer st.
Uriven, Guillermo, saddle maker, 106 Kennedy st.
Uribe, Guillermo. saloon, 413 Meyer st. S.
U. S. CUSTOM HOUSE, 302 Main st. S.
U. S. INT. REV. OFFICE, 204 Convent st.
U. S. SURV. GENL'S OFFICE, 301 Main st. S.
U. S. POST OFFICE, 14 Congress st.
U S. DEPOSITORY, 10 Congress st.

Vail, Z. T., conductor, S. P. R. R.
Valencia, Delfino, 108 Kennedy st.
Valenzuela, Antonio, porter, Loi'd & Williams Co.
Valenzuela, Bonificia, 609 Pennington st.
Valenzuela, Felipe, teamster, 426 Main st. N.
Valensuela, Damacio, merchant, 731 Meyer st. S.
Valenzuela, Judalupe, 323 Main st. S.
Van Fleet, M. B., agt. W., F. & Co., 13 Camp st. cor. Church Plaza.
VAN HOVENBERG, G. W., prop. Pioneer Soda and Ice Works, 215 Convent st.
Van Tassell, P. A., yardmaster, S. P. R. R.
Van Pelt, J. M., surveyor, 207 Fifth ave.
VAN VOORHIES, WM.,attorney at law, and editor JOURNAL office.
Varela, Angel, merchant, 500 Meyer st. N.
Vasquez, Alberto (salesman with Welisch & Co.), res. 10 Church st.
Vasquez & Soto, general merchandise, 510 Meyer st. S.
Vasquez, Ysabel, 12 Stone ave. N.
Vasquez, Ramon, clerk at Wm. Zechendorfs.
Vasquez, Refugio, near Buell's Addition.
Vasquez, Josef a, 104 Gushing st.
Vasquez, Anastacio, farmer, 710 Meyer st. S.
Vasquez, Francisca, capitalist, 2 Corrall st.
Vasquez, Adolfo (Gravel & Vasquez), 5 Tenth st.
VELASGO, GARLOS I., prop. El Fronterizo, 621 Stone ave.
Velasco, Demetro, 105 Mesilla st.
Veles, Rufino, clerk, 128 McGormick st.
Velescusa, Philipo, saddler, with G. W. Glarke.
Veliz, Rufino, salesman, with Wm. Zechendorf.
Vedolla, Josefa, 24 Church st. N.
VERDUGO, ADOLFO, merchant, 408 Main st. N.
Via, Patricio, mason, 515 Gonvent f^t.
Vila, Mrs. A. L., sewing machines, 14 Gamp st.
Vila, G., tailor, 8 Gamp st.
Villa, Mariano, 309 Gourt st.
Vindioly, Ysabel, 783 Meyer st. S.

Wakefield, Julius, mill hand, Fish's Mill.
Walker, H. G., mining, 257 Main st. S.
Walker, M. T., carpenter and builder, 12 Ghurch st.
Walsh, E. T., coppersmith, S. P. R. R. shops.
WALTERMATH, J. H. G., capitalist, 108 Jackson st.
Waltermath, Nicholas, policeman.
WALMSLEY, W. W., plumber, 303 Main st. S.
Wallbank, E. M., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Walling, Frank, harness-maker, at G. W. Glarke's.
Ward, Henry, mining, 257 Main st. S.
Warner, Fred, watchman, S. P. R. R. shops.
WARNER, SOLOMAN, Mission Mill, res. IJ miles west of city.
WARREN, J. M., prop. Russ House, Gamp st.
WARREN, A. L., general commission merchant and dealer in green and dried fruits, 224 to 228 Meyer st. S.
Wasserman, Max., bookkeeper, (L. Zechendorf & Go.)
Wasson, John, U. S. Surveyor General, 301 Main st. S.
Watkins, N. J., mining. Gamp st.
WATSON, DR. C. V. P., 808 Pennington st.
Wan Sing, china goods, 5 Ott st.
Weat, W., blacksmith, cor. Pennington and Meyer sts.
Webster, T.- C, engineer, S. P. R. R.
Webb, H. H., brakeman, S. P. R. R.
Weed, E. F., machinest helper, S. P. R. R.
WEEKS, C. W., (Sheldon & Weeks).
Weaver, Joseph, 207 Meyer st. S.
Weihs, Albert, shoemaker, 223 Meyer st. S.
Welch, Frank, machinist, S. P. R. R.
WELISCH, THEO., res. 219 Main st. S.
WELISCH &5 CO., THEO., dry goods, &c., 102 Main st. S.
Welisch, Herman, clerk, (W. & Co.) 3 Welisch's Block.
WELLS, FARGO & CO., 13 Camp st., cor. Church Plaza.
WETMORE & DEAN, assayers, 10 Meyer st. S.
WETMORE, E. L. (Wetmore & Dean) assayer, 10 Meyer st. S. Commissioner of Deeds for California.
Werner, Max, barkeeper, Levin's Park.
WHITE, A. L., mining, 463 Main st. N.
Whiteside, J. L., Observer U. S. Signal Service, 13 Court Square.
White, Walter, steward, Cosmopolitan Hotel.
White, M. W., miner, 121 Camp st.
WHITE, DR. W. J., surgeon dentist, 128 Camp st.
Whitney, J. F. (Knox & Whitney) 24 Camp st.
Whitaker, J. C. (Stone, Rogers &L Co.), shoe store, 5 Camp st.
Whipple, Lucien A., agent, 412 Pennington st.
WICKS, MOYE, attorney-at-law and notary public, 1 and 2 Maiden Lane.
WILKINS, C. F. (D. Felix & Co.)
Wilkins, Alex., barber, 217 Meyer st. S.
WILEY, H. C, mining, 203 Fifth ave.
Wilev, F. M., fireman, S. P. R. R.
WILCOX. HERBERT E., speculator. Palace Hotel.
Williams, C. J., compositor JOURNAL, 16 Church Plaza.
Williams, S. G., Grand Hotel.
Wellington, E. K., salesman. Lord & Williams Co.
WILLIAMS, W. W., banker. Lord & Williams and Lord &
Williams Co., res. Military Park.
Williams, T. H., engineer, 503 Stone ave.
Willson. C. E., brakeman. S. P. R. R.
Willson, Thomas, bookkeeper, Lord & Williams Co., res. 2 Elden Place.
Wing Lee, restaurant, 10 Camp st.
Windmiller, J., clerk (Wm. Zechendorf.)
WITCHER, J. S., paymaster, U. S. A., 210 Ochoa st.
WITFELD, G., druggist, 32 Camp st.
Wittelshoefer, J. W., bookkeeper (L. Z. & Co.), 219 McCormick st.
WofFendon, Richard, capitalist, 7 McCormick st.
Wolf, Morris, merchant, 214 Main st. N.
Wolf, A., clerk, 218 Meyer st. S.
Wolf, E., (Goldbaum & Wolf), res. 214 Main st. N.
Wolf, Leo, (T. Welisch & Co.), 66 Reade st., N. Y. city.
Wood, John M., salesman, (Lord & Williams Co).
Wood, R. C, farmer, 308 McCormick st.
WOOD, HON. JOHN S., Probate Judge, office 221 Meyer st., S. Res. 209 Fifth ave.
WOOD, COL. ROBT. M., "Tucson Club House," 215 Pennington st.
Workman, G. F., plasterer, 125 Camp st.
Wright, A., engineer, S. P. R. R.
Wright, C. S., brakeman, S. P. R. R.

Yarnell, Joseph, sample rooms. 222 Meyer st. S.; res. 209 Meyer St. N.
Ye Sing, laundry, 303 Congress st.
Yguirre, Loreto, Sixth ave. near Pennington st.
Yapp, F. G. (with H. Horton), res. n. s. Eleventh st., nr. R. R.
YORBA, J. F., druggist, 25 Congress st.
YORBA, J., clerk, A. & M. Mining Exchange.
Young, C. M., carpenter, 512 Pennington st.
Young, Col. J. W., caterer, Palace Hotel.
Yrueretagoyena, Tadeo, barkeeper, 413 Meyer st. S.
Yrwin, Federico, miner, 526 Main st. S.

ZABRISKIE, J. A. (Hereford & Zabriskie) attorney-at-law, res. 406 Pennington st.
Zamora, Sra. Carmen Gushing, bet. Convent st. and Stone ave.
ZECHENDORF, L. & CO., general merchandise, cor. Main and Pennington sts.
ZECHENDORF, WM., general merchandise, cor. Main and Congress sts.
Zepeda, Antonio (with H. Horton) 18 Main st. S.

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