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1881 Arizona Business Directory

The entire book, over 300 pages, is available for free viewing in a variety of formats at the Internet Archive

A small sampling of some of the pages about Pima county are provided below.

Business Directory

W. C. Disturnell
Page 123

Business Directory and Gazetteer
Page 124
Arivaca PO
Arivaca Mill Co, W. F. Witherill
Bernard N W, postmaster
Rollins Volney E, justice of the peace
Rouillier Camille, hotel
Page 127
Calabasas PO
Pima Co, 60 miles s of Tucson, at the junction of the Santa Cruz and Sonoita Rivers, and about 15 miles north of the Sonora line. In this section are excellent agricultural and grazing lands. On the mountain slopes is a good supply of timber, including oak, ash, black walnut, sycamore, cottonwood, and juniper, and on the river bottoms a heavy growth of mesquite. The climate is pleasant, the thermometer ranging from about freezing point in the winter to about 100 degrees above zero in the summer.
Campbell John, general mdse
Quiggle James M, groceries and liquors
White & Rodgers, general mdse
Page 128
Catalina PO
Pima Co, 40 miles n e of Tucson, is a mining camp in the Santa Catarina Mountains.
Young John T, general mdse
Page 131
Davidson's Spring
Pima Co, 30 miles s e of Tucson
Harshaw David, station
Page 132
Pima Co, 40 miles s e of Tucson
Knox Arthur A, general mdse
Page 135
Fort Lowell
Pima Co, seven miles e of Tucson, is a U.S. military post named in honor of Brigadier-General Lowell; altitude 2,530 feet.
Austin F L, general mdse
Hornblower W H, veterinary surgeon
Page 142
Greaterville PO
Pima Co, 55 miles s e of Tucson and 27 miles from Pantano, occupies a pleasant site in teh Santa Rita Mountains, 5,000 feet above the level of the sea. West of the town, at a distance of three miles, is a peak known as Old Baldy, which rises to the height of 10,000 feet, being one of the highest in Arizona. In the vicinity are rich gold placers, and also goal, silver and copper ledges of great richness and extent, which are being rapidly developed. The climate of this section is unsurpassed, there being no very great extremes of heat or cold. The mountains and hills are covered with oak, pine, cedar and other kinds of timber, and abound in game, such as deer, antelope, turkey, duck, quail, rabbit, etc. The stages of the Pantano and Harshaw line pass within five miles of the town.
Candeleria John, butcher
Coyne PJ, justice of the peace and district recorder
Cubberly E B, physician
Elliott Ralph P, postmaster
Elliott & Downer, gen'l mdse
Thompson M W, blacksmith
Williamson H, assayer
Young John, general merchandise and notary public.

Harshaw PO
Pima Co, 70 miles s e of Tucson and 50 miles s of Pantano, is a thriving and improtant town, pleasantly siturated among hills covered with grass and trees, in one of the richest mining districts of Arizona. It is about 5,000 feet above the sea level and is supplied with good mountain water. A large trade is carried on with Sonora and adjacent camps. About three miles distant are the ruins of the smelting works of the old Mowry Mine. A collection of adobe ruins and a lofty chimney are all
Page 143
that remains to denote the site of what was once the liveliest mining camp in Arizona. From several mines in the vicinity high-grade ore is being extracted; and one, the Hermosa, which has a 20-stamp mill in constant operation, is yieldign from $60,000 to $75,000 per month. In the valleys and hills throughout this section are some excellent agricultural and grazing lands. Timber, including oak, walnut, ash and juniper are abundant. The growth of the town has been rapid, and although but little over a year old contains about 1,000 inhabitants. Stages leave daily for Pantano, connecting with the trains of the Southern Pacific RR, and tri-weekly for Tombstone, via Camp Evans, Camp Huachuca, and Charleston.
Aaron --, liquor dealer
Alison Bros, butchers
Bauman & Thomas, stationery etc and bakery
Biswanger C, shoemaker
Bonnand J, restaurant
Bonnand & Mague, liquor saloon
Brickwood J T, liqor saloon
Brown T, bath house
Butler Samuel, job wagon
Cassidy James, carpenter
Darling James, butcher
De Beaufford H, proprietor St Charles Hotel
Denier --, drugs and medicines
Drake WB, stationery and news depot
Drenen George, corral and feed yard
Ford Charles, butcher
Fuqua John W, justice of peace
Goldberg & Son, genl mdse
Harlow C E & Co, gen'l mdse
Hayes R T, physician
Johnson Covington, superintendent Hermosa S M Co
Kaighin William, corral and feed yard
Kane William & Co, oil and wine merchants
Katz M D & Co, gen'l mdse
Kessing S, assayer
Lee Bin, restaurant
Lintz H T, lodgins
Lloyd Trevor, justice of peace
Mattoon Mrs, milliner
McDonald J, carpenter and builder
McGregor A, superintendent Trench S M Co
McNamee P J, liquor saloon
Mills W F, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, stage agent and money broker
Morrison P, liquor saloon
Moss & McDonald, blacksmiths
Murphy & Everts, liquor saloon
Nelson S P, brewery
Nicolas & Cazabon restaurant
Northrop --, liquor saloon
O'Donnell A, deputy sheriff
O'Donnell P M, liquor saloon
O'Halloran Mrs, hotel
Pense & Biggs, hardware
Pixley R F, superintendent Hardshell S M Co
Roger Bros, general merchandise
Rogers A, lumber
Rusher John, livery stable
Seabury & Ryan, restaurant
Sims T, liquor saloon
Small Nathaniel, livery stable
Smith Charles, liquor saloon
Smith T H, physician
Snyder D, general merchandise
Tanner & Hayes, saw-mill
Vanderlip & Fagan, butchers
Volkert Julius, barber
Page 144
Washbourn S H, liquor saloon
Wells, Fargo & Co, W F Mills agent
Wilson --, liquor saloon

Pima co, 55 miles s of Tucson
Clark & Woods, station keepers

La Noria
Pima Co. (See Luttrell)

Luttrell PO
Pima Co, 80 miles s e of Tucson near the line of Sonora, is in a rich mineral region, which is being rapidly developed. The climate of this section is inviting, and in the surrounding hills and valleys wood, water, and nutritious grasses are abundant. The population of the town and immediate vicinity is about 500. The Hooland Smelting works, which are constantly turning out a large amount of bullion, are located here. Communication is maintained with the Southern Pacific RR by stage to Pantano.
Barclay R S, postmaster and justice of the peace
Besner J B, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Deckert John, brewery
Goldberg H & Son, general merchandise
Page 145
Luttrell J K, superintendent Holland Mine
Luttrell J M, hotel
McBain & Seivers, general merchandise
Wells, Fargo & Co, L C McBain, agent
Page 147
Oro Blanco PO
Pima Co, 75 miles s of Tucson, near the line of Sonora, is in a mining district of the same name containing rich gold and silver ledges, which are
Page 148
now being developed. In this vicinity are several mines worked by the Spaniards many years since, which are supposed to have yielded a large amount of bullion. Stages leave tri-weekly for Arivaca and Tucson.
Bartlett John, butcher
Hoskins & Thatcher, genl mdse
James WIlliam, livery stable
Noon A H, physician
Noon Owen, liquor saloon
Ross W J, postmaster
Ross W J & Co, genl mdse
Thatcher Arthur, justice of the peace

Pajarito PO
Pima Co, 75 miles s of Tucson, is situatted on Agua Fria Creek, a tributary of the Santa Cruz River, about 7,000 feet above sea level. In the vicinity are several mines yielding good ore. On the hills are good grazing lands, and timber of various kinds.
mc Arthur John M, general merchandise and postmaster

Pantano PO
Pima CO, 28 miles s e of Tucson, is a station on the Southern Pacific RR, and the distributing point for freight destined for Harshaw, Washington Camp, and other mining towns in the southern portion of Pima County. Stages leave daily for Empier, Harshaw and Washington Camp.
Tully, Ochoa & Co, gen'l mdse
Wakefield Bros, gen'l mdse
Wakefield L A, postmaster
Wells, Fargo & Co, George S Safford agent
Wolfolk George T, hotel

Pima Co, 45 miles n e Tucson
Cohn W E, gen'l mdse
Zeckendorf William & Co, general merchandise
Page 167
San Xavier Del Bac
Pima Co, nine miles s of Tucson, in the valley of the Rio Santa Cruz, a village of Papago Indians, is distinguished for its church, an ancient structure in the Moorish order of architecture, built by the Jesuit missionaries in the early part of the eighteenth century. The history of this venerable edifice is in doubt; but the most authentic accounts of the establishment of the Mission, and subsequent erection of the present structure, say that the missionaries followed in the pathway of the exploring and conquering party of Coronado about the year 1560, planting several missions on the route to the Gila, one being at the locality now known as San Xavier Del Bac, or San Xavier of the Spring. It cannot be presumed that the original Mission bore the name of San Xavier, as that great disciple of Ignatius Loyola was not canonized until 1622, although he died eighty years before, one of the most eminent and successful of missionaries. A church was erected and a mission maintained for more than a hundred years, when these advanced outposts of civilization were beaten back by hostile savages, and their buildigns laid waste. About 1730 the place was reoccupied and the present edifice erected, its construction probably occuppyuing many years, as it really never has been completed. Situated as it is -- or until very
Page 168
Page 184
Tubac PO
Pima Co, 55 miles s of Tucson, is the third oldest town in the United States; following San Augustine, Florida, founded in 1513, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1540. The earliest published account known to exist (1549) gives Tubac as the only established town or city of any importance in El Desierto ...
Mercer T Lillie, general mercandise, postmaster, justice of the peace and notary public

Tucson PO
Pima Co, county seat, and incorporated city of 9,000 inhabitants, ...
Page 185
By the census of the place in 1872, the population was estimated at 3,500; by the census of 1880, it was 6,993; and at present it is claimed to exceed 9,000.
Page 186
Page 187
Page 188
Officers - John S. Carr, Mayor; Alexander Levin, Mariano Samaniego, Charles T. Etchells, and Albert Steinfeldt, Councilmen; P. R. Tully, Tresurer; Charles H. Meyer, Recorder and Police Judge; Hylor Ott, Assessor; A. G. Buttner, Marshal and Chief of Police.
Adams George F Rev, pastor First Methodist Church, Pennington
Aguirre Pedro, Proprietor Arivaca and Oro Blanco Stage Line, Main
Ainsa Santiago, mexican attorney at law, Meyer
Alcala Guadalupe, groceries, Meyer
Allis Solon M, civil engineer and U S Deputy mineral surveyor, Pennington
Altar and Caborca Stage Line, Juan Bojorquez agent, Meyer
American and Mexican Mining Exchange Co, Juan Gange secretary, Meyer
Andrews J D, mining contractor
Araiza Stage Line (Altar), D Velasco agent, Mesilla
Arivaca, Oro Blanco and Altar Stage Line, C Orcillo agent, Main
Arizona and California Lumber Co, J N Mason manager, opp railroad depot
Arizona Citizen, R C Brown publisher, Church Plaza
Arizona Daily Journal, F P Thompson publisher, Church Plaza
Arizona Mining Journal, F P Thompson publisher, Church Plaza
Arizona Quarterly Illustrated, Thomas Gardiner publisher
Arizona Star, L C Hughes publisher, Maiden Lane
Arizona Telephone Co, C H Lord president, G H Bowker superintendent, Congress
Aros Romulo, carpenter, Cushing
Bagnaco Policarpo, photographer, Church Plaze
Baker T J Mrs, dressmaker, Meyer
Barragan R J, groceries and liquors, Convent
Barthelemy C, groceries, Meyer
Bayer & Schwarz, proprietors Levin's Park and Park Brewery, foot Pennington
Beall George T, attorney at law, Pennington
Berger James M, watchmaker and jeweler, and dealer in sewing machines, Congress
Berton Tomas, notary public
Betz Joseph, liquor saloon, Congress
Bojorquez Juan, general merchandise, Meyer, cor Cushing
Bowker George H, manager Arizona Telephone Co, Congress
Bragg A M, blacksmith and wagon maker, Pennington
Brewer Arthur K, assayer, Congress
Brickwedel M H & Co, Pioneer restaurant and liquor saloon, railroad depot
Browder J A, agent easter manufacturers, Meyer
Brown G W, deitor Arizona Citizen, Church Plaza
Brown Henry J, crockery, glass ware, paints, oils, etc, Main
Brown L M, proprietor Grand Hotel, Church
Brown R C, publisher Arizona Citizen, Church Plaza
Page 189
Brunier Josephine Mrs, liquors, etc, Meyer
Buck H, confectionery and ice cream saloon, Congress
Buehman H & Co, photographers and dealers Arizona views, moldings, and picture frames, Congress
Buell James, attorney at law, Meyer
Burns Frank H, prop'r City Market, Congress
Burroiel Manuel, butcher, Main
Burton Ambrose, carpenter, McCormick
Butler Rudolph J, deputy collector U S Internal Revenue, Convent
Buttner A G, city marshal and chief of police, Meyer
California Lodging House, William H Ruel prop'r, Meyer
Calles Jesus, butcher, Meyer
Campbell Alexander, attorney at law, Camp
Carr E M, attorney at law, Pennington
Carr John S, Mayor of Tucson
Carre & Sanders, Cabinet Saloon, Congress
Carrillo Jesus, butcher, Meyer
Carrillo L, groceries, Mesilla
Carrillo Teodosia, groceries and liquors, Meyer
Carroll James, livery and feed stable, Court
Carter G C, plasterer, and brick and adobe layer, Congress
Casamayon & Co, bakery, Camp
Cason C, restaurant, Meyer
Cassell Michael, livery and feed stable, Convent
Caswell Alfred M, produce commission merchant, Meyer
Chan Tin Wo, Chinese goods, Main
Chane CHarles S, liquor saloon, Meyer
Chapman & Porter, Pima Exchange, Congress
Childs Samuel C, liquor saloon, Stone Av
Chillson Lorenzo D, notary public, civil engineer, and US deputy mineral surveyor, Meyer
Choate & Shepherd, house painters, Congress
Chong Gee (Chinese) restaurant, Mesilla
Clarke C W, harness and saddlery, Main
Clum George A, clerk District Court, Court House Plaza
Cohn Jacob M, dry goods, clothing, etc, Meyer
Cohn Max, rubber stamps, Mesilla
Coleman James J, under-sheriff Pima Co, Court House
Colton E F, livery, feed and sale stable, Meyer
Consul for Mexico, Vincente Morales, Meyer
Corbett W J, assistant postmaster, Congress
Cordis Thomas, collector US Internal Revenue, Convent
Cory Frank B, liquor saloon
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Paul Moroney proprietor, Main
Cousins Henry, register US Land Office
Cropper W L, carpenter and builder, Church
Crosley John S, butcher, Meyer
Cuen Francisco, saddle and harness-maker, Meyer
Cullum H B, notary public
Culver John P, civil engineer, assayer, and US deputy mineral surveyor, Congress
Czerwinsky T, dry goods, clothing, etc, Main, cor Mesilla
Dachena A, wholesale wines and liquors, Church Plaza
Page 190
Dailey C E, receiver US Land Office
Davis William C, stoves, tinware and plumbing, Main
Del Amo Juan, physician, Meyer
Detoy Charles, groceries, Church Plaza
Dixon J E, proprietor Russ House, Camp
Dodge Edwin S, lodgings, Pearl
Donsing Louis, liquor saloon, Mesilla
Downey Patrick, lodging-house and restaurant, Church Plaza
Downie William, carpenter and builder, Ochoa
Drachman & Soto, groceries, liquors, and dry goods, Meyer
Drake Charles R, recorder Pima CO, and notary public, Court House Plaza
Drake F A, proprietor Tucson Limekiln, nr Railroad depot
Durazo R, blacksmith, Stone av
Durr Joseph, liq.saloon, Mesilla
Dyer & Raynes, draymen
Eagle Steam Flouring Mill, E N Fish, proprietor, Main
Earll, Smith, Campbell & Robinson, attorneys at law, Camp
Edwards & Brown, mining speculators, Pennington
El Fronterizo, Carlos I Velasco publisher, Stone av
Elias Juan, butcher, Convent
Erwin C F Mrs, dressmaker, Congress
Etchells Charles T, blacksmith and wagon-maker, Congress
Evans B L Mrs, baths, Main
Evans J W, notary public
Evans & Co, architects and builders, Congress
Excelsior Brewery, Conrad Mundelius proprietor, 1 1/2 m'ls south Tucson
Farley H F, district attorney Pima Co, Pennington
Farley & Pomroy, attorneys at law, Pennington
Felix Dennis, groceries, liquors, hay and grain, Congress
Ferrin Joseph, merchant tailor, Meyer
Field & Morgan, Iron Wood livery and boarding stable, Sixth Av
Fish E N, proprietor Eagle Steam Flouring Mill, Main
Fitzpatrick W F, carpenter and builder, Congress
Fleishman Fred & Co, drugs and medicines, Congress
Foster George F, liquor saloon, Meyer
Fraser Robert, liquor saloon, Congress
Fred Ignatz S, real estate broker, Congress
Fulton & Duff, real estate ag'ts and collectors, Mesilla
Gange Juan, secretary American and Mexican Mining Exchange Co, Meyer
Ganz William, bakery, confectionery and yeast powder manufacturere, Congress
Garcia B & Co, general mercandise, Meyer
Gardiner Thomas, publisher Arizona Quarterly Illustrated
Gaynor William H, house and sign painter, Church Plaza
Germain Eugene, groceries and produce, Mesilla
Ghanetto C, groceries, Meyer
Giffin William, cigar manufacturer, Church Plaza
Gin Foy & Co, restaurant, Camp
Goldbaum & Wolf, stoves, tinware, hardware, etc, Main
Goldschmidt Adolph & Co, gents' furnishing goods, hats and caps, and manufacturer shirts, Congress
Page 191
Goldschmidt Leo, furniture, carpets and bedding, Meyer
Goldtree Joseph, cigars and tobacco, Congress
Gonzales Pedro, bakery, Meyer
Goodman A, groceries, liquors, flour, grain, and importer Japan teas, Camp
Goodrich Ben, attorney at law and notary public, Pennington
Goodrich & Goodrich, attorneys at law, Pennington
Grand Hotel, L M Brown, proprietor, Church
Gratto M, carpenter and builder, Congress
Gravel M P, carriage and wagonmaker, Ochoa
Graves Walter L, dentist, Church Plaza
Gregg F W, attorney at law, Pennington
Gregory U, pastor Baptist Ch
Groff Charles F, plasterer, and brick and adobe layer, Congress
Gruber Jacob, firearms, ammunition, etc, and gunsmith, Meyer
Handy & Holbrook, physicians, Congress
Harris Helena Mrs, manufact'r ladies' and children's underwear, Meyer
Harris & Sutton, groceries, fruits, etc, Congress
Hart John, proprietor Tucson Transfer Co
Hatch F W, notary public
Haynes John, attorney at law, Meyer
Hereford B H, attorney at law and notary public, Meyer
Hereford & Zabriskie, attorneys at law, Meyer
Hermosillo Stage Line, C Orcillo agent, Main
Holbrook Charles E, physician, Congress
Holler Sigrid Mrs, manufacturer ladies' and children's underwear, Meyer
Hooper Wm B & Co, oil and wine merchants, Mesilla
Hop Kee, restaurant, Warner
Horton Henry, wines, liquors, and cigars, Main
Horton W B, public administrator Pima Co
Hucke John G, liquor saloon, Mesilla
Hughes L C, publisher "Arizona Star," Maiden Lane
Hunt J A Mrs, restaurant, Railroad Depot
Hurd Isaac N, pastor First Presbyterian Church, Stone Ave
Hutchins Robert A, quartermaster's agent, Pearl
Innes J F & Co, proprietors Pioneer Soda Works, Stone Ave
Iron Wood Livery and Boarding Stable, Field & Morgan proprietors, Sixth Av
I X L Lodging House and Restaurant, P Downey proprietor, Church Plaza
Jacobs B m, cashier Pima Co Bank, Congress
Jacobs Washington M, assayer, Pennington
Johnson C H, proprietor Ventura Lodgings, Camp
Johnson William L, lodgings, COngress
Jouvenceau Antonio Rev, assistant pastor St Augustine's Church, Mesilla
Jouvenceau Francisco Very Rev, pastor St Augustine's Church, Mesilla
Kane S K, notary public
Katz Marcus, groceries and hardware, and agent California Powder Works, Congress
Page 192
Kauffman Isidor, gents' furnishing goods, Meyer
Kaufman Bros, general merchandise, Meyer
Kearon R E, manager Western Union Telegraph Co
Keen Andrew J, US inspector customs and internal revenue ganger, Main
Knox & Whitney, commission merchants, Church Plaza
Laurillard A, piano and organ agent
Leatherwood R N, treasurer Pima Co
Leboisne & Lester, plasterers, Camp
Lee James, flour mill, 1 1/2 miels south of Tucson, and liquor saloon, Mesilla
Leventhal A, auctioneer, Mesilla
Levin A, wines and liquors, Meyer
Levin's Park, Bayer & Schwarz prop'rs, foot Pennington
Levin's Park Theatre, Bayer & Schwarz prop'rs, foot Pennington
Lewis Bros, boots and shoes, Congress, cor Main
Lighthizer Harry B, attorney at law and notary public, Meyer
Lopes Ramon, shoemaker, Cushing
Lord C H, postmaster, and US depository public moneys, Congress
Lord & Williams Co, wholesale dealers in general merchandise and country produce, Congress, cor Main
Lowenstein & Co, dry goods, clothing, etc, Meyer, cor Mesilla
Lyford L Dexter, physician, Congress
Maguire John, liquor saloon, railroad depot
Manderfeld Wenzel, observer and operator Signal Service USA, Court House Plaza
Mansfeld Jacob S, books, stationery, cigars, etc, Congress
Mason J N, manager Arizona and California Lumber Co, opp railroad depot
Mauk George W, deputy collector US Internal Revenue, Convent
Maxwell Frederick, manufacturers' agent, Pennington
Mayr & Miltenberg, bakery, Mesilla
McCoy James, house and sign painter, Main
McFadden & Serrot, groceries, fruits and seeds, Meyer
McWhorter L, liquor saloon, Mesilla
Menager H, dry goods, clothing, etc, Meyer
Meyer Charles H, city recorder, justice of the peace and notary public, Meyer
Meyer L & Co, general merchandise, Meyer, cor Mesilla
Miller F K, attorney at law, Pennington
Montano Cornelia, restaruant, Meyer
Morales Vincente, consul for Mexico, Meyer
Moreno Juan, proprietor Tubac, Magdalena and Hermosilla stage line, Main
Morgan Benjamin, attorney at law and notary public, Pennington
Moroney Paul, proprietor Cosmopolitan Hotel, Main cor Pennington
Moroney Paul & Co, baths, Levin's Park
Mount St Joseph Novitiate of the Sisters of St Joseph, 1 mile from city
Page 193
Mountain Ice Company, Hiram Sprague manager
Mueller Wilhelm M, merchant tailor, Camp
Mundelius Conrad, proprietor Excelsior brewery, 1 1/2 miels s Tucson
Munoz Dario, groceries and liquors, Meyer
Navarro Bernardo, groceries and liquors, Main
Newlands & Calder, liquor saloon, Congress
Nilson P F, watchmaker and jewler, Congress
Norton Isaac, money broker, Meyer
Noyes E W,auctioneer and real estate agent
Noyes & Earll, mastic roofing, Camp
Noyes & Prince, carpenters and builders, Camp
O'Donnell P N, proprietor Tucson foundry and machine shop, opp railroad depot
Oates James W, attorney at law and notary public, Maiden Lane
Orcillo C, stage agent and consular papers for goods shipped to Mexico, Main
Osborn William J, attorney at law, notary public and justice of the peace, Meyer, corner Maiden Lane
Otis A D & Co, lumber, doors, windows, blinds, hardware, crockery, paints and oils, Meyer, cor Pennington
Ott Hylor, city assessor
Palace Hotel, George Rayfield proprietor, Meyer
Palmer Horatio B, wagonmaker, Pennington
Pantlind John T, Elite Saloon, Congress
Park Brewery, Bayer & Schwarz proprietors, foot Pennington
Parkes & Wills, contractors and builders, Pearl
Patterson John W, searcher of records and conveyancer, Congress
Paul R H, sheriff Pima COunty, Court House
Pearson A Mrs, ladies hairdresser, Congress
Pearson R C, wines and liquors, Congress
Peguilhan Francois, restaurant, Congress
Perry Joseph C, attorney at law, Pennington
Petit Alexander P, architect, Jackson
Phy Joseph, proprietor Tucson Water Works
Pima County Bank, P R Tully president, B M Jacobs cashier, Congress
Pioneer Soda Works, J F Innes & Co, proprietors, Stone Av
Plummer Paul, watchmaker and jeweler, Congress
Pomroy Everett B, US district attorney Territory of Arizona, Pennington
Porter A A, proprietor Porter's Hotel, Railroad Depot
Post Office, C H Lord postmaster, W J Corbett assistant postmaster, Congress
Protopsaltis A & C, proprietors Union Restaurant, Meyer
Protopsaltis John, restaurant, Levin's Park
Pusch & Zellweger, butchers, Mesilla
Quinlin James, blacksmith and wagon maker, Meyer
Quinn & Wich, lodgings, Camp
Quong You Chong, Chinese goods, Pearl
Page 194
Ramirez Ramon, groceries and liquors, Meyer
Ravisioni Daniel, restaurant, Mesilla
Rayfield George, prop'r Palace Hotel, Meyer
Read Will S, searcher of records, notary public, and conveyancer, Congress
Reardon James, prop'r Tucson City Stage Line
Redding Matthew J, club rooms, Camp
Rickey Joseph F, proprietor Silver Lake Race Course, bath houses, and restaurant, Silver Lake, 1 1/2 miels s of Tucson
Risley E A, official court reporter and clerk Board of Supervisors Pima CO, Court House Plaza
Robinson James S, attorney at law, Camp
Robles B, general merchandise and livery stable, Meyer
Roca M G, groceries, Main
Roman John, attorney at law
Romero Demetrio, groceries, Congress
Rose William, mining and mechanical engineer
Rosenstock Albert, barber, Congress
Roskruge George J, civil engineer, notary public, and US deputy mineral surveyor, Maiden Lane
Rothschild Otto, candy factory, Congress
Rousseau Charles, restaurant, Ochoa
Ruel William H, California lodging house, Meyer
Ruelas Placido, groceris and liquors, Meyer
Rusk W E, livery and feed stable, Pennington
Russ House, J E Dixon, proprietor, Camp
Russell Henry D, marble works, Congress
Ryan Thomas F, commission merchant and distiller's agent, Congress
Safford, Hudson & Co, bankers, Congress
Salazar Baudelio, assayer, metallurgist and mining engineer, Meyer
Salazar Jose, groceries and liquors, Meyer
Salpoite John B, Rt Rev (RC) Bishop of Arizona, Church
Sampson Amasa B, cigars and tobacco, and money broker, Meyer
Schaaf Philip, butcher, Meyer
Schayer Herman, wines and liquors, Camp
Scott William A Jr, insurance agent, Congress
Scott William F, US deputy collector of customs, Main
Seligmann C & Co, groceries, wines and liquors, Meyer
Sheldon & Baston, liquor saloon, Meyer
Signal Service USA, Wenzel Manderfeld observer and operator, Court House Plaza
Silent Charles, attorney at law, Pennington
Silver Bell Stage Line, William Wheatley proprietor, Pennington
Silver Hill and Silver Bell Stage and Fast Freight Co, U J Tuska manager, Meyer
Silver Lake Race Course, Joseph F Rickey prop'r, 1 1/2 miles s Tucson
Sinclair David A, liquor saloon, Mesilla
Smith Edward J, undertaker and embalmer, Church
Page 195
Smith Ferdinand A, house and sign painter, Church
Smith F M, attorney at law, Camp
Snyder M S, agent Silver Bell Stage Line, and notary public
Sorgatz B, restaurant
Sparrow Frederick A, Napa Shaving Saloon, Congress
Sprague Hiram, manager Mountain Ice Co
Sresovich Joseph, wholesale groceries and produce, Meyer, and restaurants, Church Plaza and Railroad Depot
St joseph's Academy, Mesilla
St Mary's Hospital, one mile from city
Stanford Frederick, attorney at law, Pennington
Stewart Wm H, barber, Meyer
Stiles Theodore L, attorney at law and District Court Commissioner, Pennington
Stilwell W H, Associate Justice Supreme Court and Judge First Judicial District, Court House
Stone George, shoe maker, Meyer
Suastegui Rafael, watch maker and jeweler, Church
Sullivan M J, architect and builder, Pearl
Sweetland B R & Co, spring bed and mattress manufacturers, and dealers in pictures, frames, paints, oils, etc, Congress
Talamonte P & Co, restaurant, Church Plaza
Tapia Jose M, groceries and liquors, Convent, cor Cushing
Tapie Bros, liq'r saloon, Meyer
Tapie G, liquor and billiard saloon, Meyer
Teeple Robert E, liquor and billiard saloon, Meyer
Terrazas I, blacksmith, Stone av
The Singer Manufacturing Co, sewing machines, Congress
Thompson F P, publisher Arizona Daily Journal and Mining Journal, Church Plaza
Tiffany W H, mining and mechanical engineer
Topliff James F, notary public, Congress
Townsend Bros, produce and pultry, COngress
Trabucco Joseph, restaurant, Mesilla
Tucon Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Co, Meyer
Tucson City Stage Line, James Reardon proprietor
Tucson Foundry and Machine Shop, P N O'Donnell prop'r, opposite Railroad Depot
Tucson Ice Co, Paul Moroney & Co, proprietors, Levin's Park
Tucson Library Association, Mrs. P. L. Stiles librarian, Pennington
Tucson Painting Co, carriage, house, sign, and ornamental painters, Congress
Tucson Transfer Co, John Hart prorietor, Camp
Tucson Water Works, Joseph Phy proprietor
Tully, Ochoa & Co, general merchandise, Main
Tully P R, president Pima County Bank, and city treasurer, Congress
Turner Jared, physician and surgeon, Meyer
United States Custom House, W F Scott deputy collector, A J Keen inspector, Main
United States Depository of Public Moneys, C H Lord, Congress
Page 196
United States District Attorney, E B Pomroy, Pennington
Untied States Internal Revenue, Thomas Cordis collector, Convent
United States Land Office, Henry Cousins register, C E Dailey receiver
United States Military Telegraph, Wenzel Manderfeld operator, Court House Plaza
Untied States Surveyor-General, John Wasson, Main
Uribe Guillermo, butcher, Meyer
Van Fleet M B, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, Camp
Van Pelt Samuel K, mining contractor
Van Voorhies W, attorney at law
Velasco Carlos I, publisher "El Fronterizo," Stone Av
Velasco D, commission merchant, and agent Araiza Stage Line, Mesilla
Ventura Lodgings, C H Johnson proprietor, Camp
Vila A Mrs, sewing machines, and ladies' and children's underwear, Camp
Vila & Douville, tailors, Camp
Warner Solomon, flour-mill and ore-crusher, Pueblito 1 mile west Tucson
Warren A L, groceries and fruits, Meyer
Wasson John, U S Surveryor-General Territory of Arizona, Main
Watkins M J, editor "Arizona Daily Journal," Church Plaza
Watson C P V, physician, Pennington
Weihs Albert, shoemak'r, Meyer
Welisch Theo & Co, dry goods, ladies' and gent's furnishing goods, millinery goods, etc, Main
Wells, Fargo & Co, M B Van Fleet agent, Camp
Western Union Telegraph Co, R E Kearon manager, Congress
Wetmore Edward L, real estate agent, Meyer
Wetmore & Dean, assayers, ore smelters and samplers, Meyer
Whaling Michael, attorney at law, Pennington
Wheatley William, livery and feed stable and proprietor Silver Bell Stage Line, Pennington
Whitaker John C, shoemaker, Camp
White W J, dentist, Congress
Whitton & Co, liquor and billiard saloon, Congress
Wicks Moye, attorney at law and notary public, Meyer, cor Maiden Lane
Wilkins Alexander, barber, Meyer
WIlliams J W, contractor and builder
Wing Lee, restaurant, Camp
Wing On Hong, drugs, Pearl
Witfeld Gustavus, grugs and medicines, Camp
Wood John S, probate judge Pima Co, Meyer
Yarnell Joseph, liquor saloon, Meyer
Yorba Javier F, drugs and medicines, Congress
Yslas Genaro, groceries, Court
Zabriskie J A, attorney at law, Meyer
Zeckendorf L & Co, general merchandise, Main
Zeckendorf William, general merchandise, Main
Zuniga Masimo, barber, Meyer
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Washington PO
Pima CO, 78 miles s e of Tucson and 64 miles from Pantano, ...
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latter place with a tri-weekly line for Tombstone.
Bisner J B, bakery
Bragg H N, notary public
Clark J W, butcher
Glander Louis, brewery
Harrison R, justice of the peace
Joyner F O, hotel, and notary public
Joyner J T, postmaster
Melstedt Sarah Mrs, hotel
Patrick Isaac, general mdse
Rogers E S, general mdse
Salamon Rosala, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Smith Samuel, laundry
Wells, Fargo & Co, J R Allen agent

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